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" Barrie North - your "blank template" tutorial set me on the road to embracing Joomla. What started out as an exploration for my church has become a position of being completely sold on Joomla.

I am impressed with your knowledge and want to thank you for giving me the tool I needed to start my own foray into the Joomla realm. We are building our site right now and finding Joomla so easy to manage at so many levels."


"Thanks Joomlashack for the great templates but even more for the wonderful tutorials. I made this site using the JS Education template and the free manual and I now have a much better understanding of how a Joomla site should be put together. I have bought the lightfast template pack so that i can rebuild my first sorry attempt on my own website and also shift the two other club sites I made with a html editor to Joomla. I did not like Joomla before I used your resources but I love it now. Thankyou"

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed I am with the Joomla Manual.  It answers a lot of questions I had in an easy to understand format, which is very helpful.
I especially liked the way you laid out the book, making it easy to skim through and find the information I wanted very quickly.  Your idea of having a "The Least You Need to Know" section in each chapter was something I haven't seen before, but a really good idea that only added to the value. "
ó Bruce Kaufmann
" I appreciate your services very much. Although a veteran internet developer, I started building websites in 1997, I am new to Joomla and it is rapidly changing my life. I am a one man organization building websites and I used to do a lot of custom design for my website projects. Joomla has changed that.
My product to market timespan has decreased enormously by using Joomla! Your site has helped me a lot in learning to understand how Joomla works ! "
— Paul Bakker

"You helped me to delve into Joomla, learn it, and in less than one month create a site on my own to which I'm very grateful!  I love Joomla! It is so intuitive. I'm so impressed and grateful to the supportive/sharing community where you have played such a huge part. I've referred to your tutorials and site many times. Huge Thanks!"


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