" Once again Joomlashack has helped me to complete a website project - and this time the site is my very own. I have collaborated many times with Joomlashack in the past, and I will continue to regard them as the ultimate Joomla Ace Up My Sleeve! I won't try to convince you of what a great CMS program Joomla is - I am sure you already know that. What you should also know is that the team at Joomlashack knows Joomla inside and out, and provides excellent customer support. I would not consider doing an important project without their assistence. If the project is important -- if everything has to go right, then you can rely on Joomlashack to take you all the way to the finish line. In particular I would like to thank Waseem Sadiq for his work on the template. Waseem is quite the CSS master, and a real good guy too! He developed a flexible menu module (JS Flex Login Module) - so that my site can have a non-joomla looking login area - I put mine up in the header and it looks great. He also added persistent submenus, which I don't have a use for right now, but its good to know I can use it at a later date. Waseem is a real good example of the Joomlashack experience - always helpful - always friendly - and always knowledgeable and experienced. I have yet to throw something his way that he can't handle. This is true of the entire Joomlashack team of course - see for yourself! "


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