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Use ClickTale and know your Joomla audience

Ever wondered what people do when they visit your Joomla website? Curious where they go, what they do, and why they don't do what you expect them to do?

Try ClickTale- the powerful yet affordable usability and analytical tool for Joomla sites. And now, get a special Joomlashack friends account for just $19 a month!

Joomlashack tried ClickTale and the results were eye-opening and humbling. Check out ClickTale and get some atomic knowledge for your Joomla site.

ClickTale: Record, Watch, and Understand your website's visitors!

ClickTale reveals your visitors’ online behavior.

Capture, analyze and understand your customers’ entire browsing behavior, even inside HTTPS pages.

Now you can understand WHY your customers behave the way they do.

Use ClickTale to:

  • Optimize landing pages

  • Minimize shopping cart abandonment

  • Simplify web usability testing

  • Maximize online form conversion


Get a Clicktale account for just $19 a month! Check out our full ClickTale offer page and sign up today!