After over a year in development, the have-to-have book about Joomla 1.5 is finally hitting shelves and shipping from the publishers and

The stable version of Joomla 1.5 is weeks away, and we are very pleased to announce the availability of Barrie North's book to go along with this momentous occasion.

We think that this book offers amazing value and its packed it along with some great downloads you get with the book:

You get free access to the companion site, This site features:

  • an active forum where you can ask questions specific to chapters from the book from a Joomla expert (well, me anyway)
  • 5 fully functional Joomla 1.5 live follow-along examples from the book. You can browse the sites and their backends live online.
  • downloads of 5 free sample chapters and files for Joomla 1.5. These are SQL dumps you can import to instantly give you a completed Joomla site. This means you can create a school, blog or small business site instantly!
  • 4 free tutorial templates and 3 free templates from including our popular commercial template - JS Aqualine!

Get the Joomla Book from Amazon for $29

If you prefer something more old fashioned that you can hold in your hand, Amazon are currently offering 35% off with free shipping.

Amazon Book

Get the eBook from Prentice

If you prefer to get your books instantly, simply go to theĀ  Prentice online store and you'll be able to get an instant download.

Please note, the PDF download is encoded and you won't be able to download it to different computers!

Need Something for Joomla 1.0?

If you are currently working with 1.0, you can still get the Joomla Administrator's Manual for only $27 in ebook form. If you need to get a hard copy head to LuLu.

At over 2000 copies sold and many satisfied readers, you won't be disappointed.

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