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New Ideas on Outsourcing from Copyblogger

outsourcing conspiracy bannerBrian Clark and Jon Morrow over at Copyblogger just released an interesting free 31 page report about outsourcing for web entrepreneurs. I think there has definitely been a growth in the perception that outsourcing is the secret to being successful these days:

  • All the "get rich quick" gurus seem to have outsourcing as a key part of their business model
  • Overseas "rent-a-coder" type sites that offer cheap labor are becoming more and more prevalent
  • Quite a few Joomla-based shops even have outsourcing as a key aspect of running their company business
  • Even design is getting outsourced, as evident by all the PSD to HTML sites that have sprung up

Brian and Jon make the argument that outsourcing is not all that its cracked up to be, especially for those who 'they" say its best for... new people with a new idea they are trying to launch.

They discuss several issues:

  • It costs more than you think
  • Having to do lots of management sucks
  • The results are often mediocre
  • Temporary contractors can mean instability
  • Your IP can get stolen

They argue that the traditional choices to getting things done; do it yourself, hiring, and outsourcing leave out one big and overlooked choice... partnering. Find the right partner and share in the success together!

Of course, this is Brian we are talking about, so along with the report there is a great new opportunity where people can address the hardest part of partnering.... finding the partners.

Brian and Jon's new site, is a social networking-type site designed to help people with skills and people ideas get together and launch businesses.

Oh yeah, and it uses a Simplweb membership package.