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Joomlashack Releases 1.5 Template: Weblogic

Weblogic Joomla 1.5 template With the third release candidate available for Joomla, Joomlashack has unveiled our first template that runs on Joomla 1.5 natively: Weblogic.

You get both 1.0.X AND 1.5 Joomla versions bundled TOGETHER for only $39.95!

Weblogic Joomla Template
With the third release candidate available for Joomla, Joomlashack has unveiled our first template that runs on Joomla 1.5 natively: Weblogic.

You get both 1.0.X AND 1.5 Joomla versions bundled TOGETHER for only $39.95!

As well as high quality design, this professional Joomla template has flexibility at the core of its design. One of the major functions of this template is its ability to be heavily customized with minimal effort. Weblogic's user-configured template parameters allow you manage a great deal of the common changes designers (and clients) tend to make with template based designs.

This template is designed to deliver clean content for medium to large scale sites with complete user control over the look and feel of the final site. If you have an upcoming project such as a blog, educational, church, or technical related site, this template is an excellent option to make high quality professional Joomla website.

For Joomla! 1.5.x and later versions - You can access customization parameters from within Joomla's administration console by going to: Extensions -> Template Manager -> Click on js_weblogic_00x and then you will see the available parameters to the right of the screen which look like the image below.

Joomla 1.5 template parameters

At Joomlashack, we don't just feed you a fish, we teach you how to catch them. Weblogic comes with 9 great min Joomla tutorials on how to get the most out of your template.

Weblogic Mini Tutorials

Instant Setup

Joomlashack Releases 1.5 Template: WeblogicRunning short on time?

This article will point you in the right direction for documentation as well as a pre-configured Joomla! installation using Weblogic. Download it now!

Color Styles

Weblogic is a creative business template with 5 available colors. You can build your own with minimal knowledge of CSS and Adobe Fireworks. The Fireworks graphic source files are included with each purchase. Choose any of the following colors...

EZ-SEO Header Customization

Customizing Weblogic's search engine optimized header display couldn't be any easier. The header used in this template can be easily customized without launching any other applications - straight from the admin console or a single line edit!

Menu Style Options

Weblogic's menu system works right out of the box with your choice of a 2-level 'dropline' menu system or multi-level 'suckerfish drop-down' menu system. This can easily be set in the template parameter configuration from a single line edit or click of the mouse at any time. Read more for demos and to learn about it!

Dynamic Layout Options

Weblogic allows you to easily set the content flow/layout of the your site! In the template parameters you can customize the ordering of your content flow. You can choose a fixed or fluid browser width and 3 layout styles to choose from: Blog, Portal, and News. Read more to learn about it!

Dynamic Module Widths

Weblogic allows you to customize the left and right module column widths to fit your likings on the fly. You don't need to make any CSS edits, just one click of the mouse and a stroke of the keyboard and done!

Module Style and Content Position Map

Weblogic features 11 possible module positions in 5 styles! You can load just about any kind of content with our added image based and raw padless modules as well. This allows for endless customization.

Integrated Typography Styles

You don't have to be a world class designer to have good-looking web pages anymore. Weblogic has all the CSS included to make your text "pop" off the page, giving it a clean look and feel all throughout your site.

Transparent Teaser

The 'icon' module position is set to properly handle transparency in all browsers. Weblogic also includes a built in IE PNG solution. Here's how to make your own.

Seen enough?

Check out the live Joomla template demo now or add this great Joomla 1.5 template to your collection!

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