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Published on 23 June 2010

JS Fresh: A clean, FREE, and refreshingly awesome Joomlashack Joomla template


Spring may have already come and gone, but this month's FREE template offering is as light and colorful as an April 'morn.Fresh FREE Joomla Template Introducing Fresh! A clean, FREE and refreshingly awesome new free Joomla template from your friends at Joomlashack.


Light. Colorful. Clean and Awesome.

Perfect for Web 2.0-inspired sites and personal blogs, Fresh's clean, simple, no-nonsense layout is easy on the eyes so your visitors can find the content they need...quickly. It comes in 6 light colors, up to 30 module positions and it's no-bloat code loads super fast for maximum SEO.

But don't let Fresh's simplicity fool you--it has many of the pro features you've come to love and expect from our Joomlashack Professional Joomla Templates. Let's take a look...


Fresh! features at a glance...


  • 30 Module Positions - Fresh! uses sophisticated CSS grid technology to easily manage over 30 module locations. Each of the module locations user1, user2, user3 or user4 can hold 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 modules!
  • 6 light colors to choose from including sky blue, organic green, wildflower yellow, citrus mango/orange, perennial red/pink, and white/grey.
  • Multiple Layouts - Whether you need a traditional 3 column layout, or wanna rock it blog-style, we've got you covered. Fresh! lets you quickly change the main layout with a click of a parameter.
  • Fast Loading - With speed features such as combined image assets, compressed CSS, lean W3C valid code and optional Mootools loading, Fresh! is lightening quick.
  • 960 Grid-powered- Fresh! uses the popular 960 grid to achieve its sophisticated layout options. Its super light-weight, doesn't need Internet Explorer hacks and is compatible with all A-Grade browsers. The 960 grid promotes balance, consistent white space, and usability.
  • SEO-ready template - The Fresh! template gives you a state of the art foundation for SEO for your website, like all Joomlashack templates. Our templates do better in Google and you'll get more traffic to your site.
  • Multi-browser ready - Fresh! renders in all major A-grade browsers with minimal CSS hacks. It supports major browsers such as I.E. 7 and up, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.
  • CSS3 fueled - CSS3 styles that degrade gracefully for older browsers
  • Easy Title Customization- make your heading stand out with easy-to-use title parameters

Fresh! comes in 6 colors with an ample white space design. Sky Blue, Organic Green, Perennial Red, Citrus Orange, Wildflower Yellow and Greyscale - ALL for free!


Color Options

Click on a template thumbnail below to view the demo in that style.

Style1 color

Style2 color

Style2 color

Style2 color

Style2 color

Style2 color



Download Now LIVE DEMO


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