How to Install Joomla Locally on a P.C.

How to Install Joomla Locally on a P.C.

Following on from other newsletters where we showed you how to set up Joomla on a Mac and also how to develop locally and moving your site to a live server, this week we're going to walk you through installing Joomla locally, on a P.C.

We're going to use the WAMPSERVER for this tutorial.

WAMP stands for "Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP" which are the different elements that allow you to run Joomla on your computer.

Here's how you do it:

Step #1: Install WAMP

download wampserver

  • Run through the WAMPSERVER installation process.
  • In your P.C. taskbar, down by the date in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, look for the WAMP icon. Click on that icon.
  • You should see a popup. Click "Start All Services" and then click "Localhost."
  • Hopefully, you'll see a white screen with the Wampserver logo in the top-left corner.

Step #2: Download Joomla

download joomla

  • Find the line saying ".... Full Package" and click on the "ZIP" text.
  • The file you download should have a long name such as

Step #3: Move Joomla to WAMP

  • Click on the WAMP icon in your taskbar again and now click "www directory". This will take you to the folder where WAMP stores its websites.
  • Move your Joomla folder from Step 2 into this directory.
  • Extract the Joomla folder.
  • It will be confusing to keep accessing the website through a folder called /Joomla_3-8-13-Stable-Full_Package/ so rename the folder to something simple such as /joomlatest/

Step #4: Set up your database

  • Click on the WAMP icon in your taskbar again and now click "phpMyAdmin". This will take you to the software where Joomla's databases are managed.
  • Find the field labeled "Create new database" and enter "joomlatest". Click "Create".
  • Hopefully you'll see the name "joomlatest" appear in the left column.

Step #5: Install Joomla

  • On screen 5, enter your site name plus a username, email, and password.
  • Delete/rename the /installation directory.
  • On screen 4, these will be your settings:
    • Host Name: Localhost
    • Username: root
    • Password: [leave this blank]
    • Database: joomlatest
  • You'll see the normal Joomla installation screen. Click through screen 1, 2 and 3.
  • In your browser, visit this address: http://localhost/joomlatest
  • Hopefully, you still have your Joomla folder open. If not, click on the WAMP icon in your taskbar again and then on "www directory".
  • Rename the installation folder to something such as /installation-back/
  • Click "Site" on the final installation screen or visit http://localhost/joomlatest.

You should now have a shiny new installation of Joomla on your P.C. where you can develop your website securely in your local environment.

Watch Our video showing how to install Joomla locally on a P.C.

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