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Flash Rotator Updated to 2.0

Flash Rotator Module

Based on Jeroen Wijering's Flash Image Rotator, and a predecessor to the popular Flash JPG Rotator Module we have updated this module to the next version (2.0). This module is renamed to the Flash Image Rotator as it now supports PNG, GIF, and JPG images. There are a lot of enhancements to this version such as SEO optimization, transition additions, text navigation and icons, better control of link targets, autostart/pause, improved handling of Internet Explorer cache and more! Give it a try. It's FREE!

Live Demo

Download the latest version

New Features

Module Duplication:
This module now supports the "Copy Module" function of Joomla! shich allows you to have different modules on separate pages with improved handling of the IE cache.

In the previous version, the JPG rotator would automatically start playing. You can now set a Autostart=False parameter which allows you to create a step by step tutorial, or a customized navigation movie. This also saves bandwidth.

Maybe you want your movie to only play once and then stop. If so, you can now set Repeat=Once/True/False.

Navigation & Descriptions:
You can now display your image title in a text field with navigation. When links are enabled you can set to make the images unlinkable so the text acts as the link. Clicking the image will instead advance to the next image.

Playhead Icons :
Setting the Show Icons=True will enable a playhead and loading icon for your images. This is useful when Autoplay=False to give the user a hint to click.

Better Scaling:
You can now specify what method of scaling you want to use. (true, false, fit, none). True will fill determine the widest size to your movie and scale to fit the display proportionately, False will force the images to fill the widest side of the movie (may cause pixellation), Fit will stretch the images to fit both width and height (may cause pixellation), and None will leave the images at their displayed resolution (72ppi) at 100%.

This output is XHTML valid and uses your links and image titles to create a hidden list of your images beneath the Flash movie.

Debug Console:
If you're having problems getting this module working, you can set debug=True to get a better understanding of what's happening.



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