Take the Joomlashack Survey!

Got a few minutes? We'd like to ask you for a moment of your time. In return, we'll give you 30% off all of our commercial products and if you're lucky, you could win a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.com or free Joomlashack templates for life.

It's so easy for you to learn about Joomlashack, and yet we know so little about you, our customers and community. That's why we've created this survey, to help us gain some insight into the skills and needs of our customers and Joomla! users.

Read more or jump straight to the Joomla Survey questions *Survey now closed - thanks to all who took part now. We appreciate your participation.

Why should you take the survey?

Our customers have taught us plenty over the years. But what do we really know about our community's Joomla needs?

Sometimes we launch a product like our Aqualine template and the feedback is amazing. Sometimes we drop a product in our store and hear a roaring silence.  Buying our products, while certainly appreciated, doesn't tell us enough about what Joomla resources your really need. Take our survey and tell us more!

Sixty percent of Joomlashack customers never even use their template.

We know that's not true, because we can see lots of sites using one of our templates. But we know Joomlashack can do better at providing the Joomla resources you most need.

This spring, Joomlashack.com will be relaunched with a host of new products and resources. While we're excited about our plans, we know we'll serve you even better if we have your early feedback now.

Ninety percent of Joomla! users don't know HTML. Do you?

We couldn't possibly know this, because there isn't any publicly available survey of Joomla user skill sets. Allow us to offer you the first  With solid data in hand, we'll release the results and let the world know what we've learned.

After you've taken the survey, visit our forum and offer your own insights and punditry about the questions we've asked.

100% of respondents receive a valuable gift- and could win very special prizes!

  • Complete our survey and we'll instantly send you a coupon for 30% off one order, good through the end of April.
  • Three lucky respondents will win a $100.00 gift certificate to Amazon.com
  • And one could win the Grand Prize- free templates from Joomlashack for life!

Thank you for answering our Joomla Survey *Survey now closed - thanks to all who took part today, before the contest ends.

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