Joomlashack's Managed Hosting is Available in Beta

Managed Joomla Hosting is Available in Beta

Are you tired of managing your Joomla site's updates and backups?

Do you have more important tasks than configuring your SSL, CDN, and SMTP server?

Then we have the Joomla hosting for you.

Today is the beta launch of the very first managed Joomla hosting service

What is managed Joomla hosting?

Managed hosting is popular in WordPress, but completely new in Joomla. So what does it mean to use a managed Joomla hosting service?

  • We update your site for you.
  • We manage the backups for you.
  • We optimize your site for you.
  • The whole set up is optimized for Joomla. You won't be on the same server as WordPress, Drupal and other sites.
  • You will be on your own cloud server. We can optimize the server specifically for your site.

You also get complimentary membership to Joomlashack's Everything Club, which gives you full access to all of Joomlashack's extensions and templates.

This is not the hosting option for everyone. Managed hosting is for people who:

  • Have more important things to do than constantly manage their site.
  • Want to work with true Joomla specialists, not bored support staff who are more interested in WordPress.

What does "Beta" mean?

A version of this managed hosting has been used by some customers for over three years now. Our processes and support are now optimized to the point where we're confident in opening a beta version to the public.

The "Beta" tag applies because the hosting is rock solid, but we have more work to do on the user interface for customers. Your site is still be 100% in our safe hands during the beta period.

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'd love to talk with you to see if managed Joomla hosting is right for you.

Free transfers to Joomlashack hosting

We offer free transfers. Let us move your site and set it up on the new, managed servers.

The features of Joomlashack's Managed Hosting

Expert Joomla support

Are you frustrated by support staff with no Joomla experience? Many hosting companies don't know Joomla.

The Joomlashack team have been deeply involved in Joomla for 15 years. This is Joomla support that you can rely on.

Joomlashack Hosting

Joomlashack Hosting

We update your sites for you

You'll never have to worry about updates: we'll do all of them for you!

Joomlashack hosting can manage updates for all your sites and extensions.

Joomla sites pre-configured to run smoothly

Forget about over-complicated setups. When you start a new site, it can be easy. Tell us if you want to use specific Joomlashack extensions or templates and we'll configure it all for you.

Joomlashack Hosting

Joomlashack Hosting

We back up your sites

Don't worry about backups. We'll do that for you and keep daily backups for your files and data.

Membership in the Everything Club

Save $99.00! You'll have access to everything at Joomlashack, including 20 templates, 32 extensions, training and the best Joomla books.

Joomlashack Hosting

Joomlashack Hosting

SSL, CDN and SMTP all included

Your membership includes extra features that usually cost you extra money with other hosting providers. You get a free SSL to keep your site secure, CDN to make your site load faster and SMTP for more reliable email delivery.


Why get Joomlashack Hosting? 

If you become a Joomlashack Hosting member you'll get excellent hosting, expert Joomla support and access to the Everything Club.


  Startup Pro Premium
$49.00 per month

  Get Startup Hosting!
$79.00 per month

  Get Pro Hosting!
$119.00 per month

  Get Premium Hosting!
Server space 2GB 4GB 8GB
Number of sites 1 1 1
We update your sites for you      
We back up your sites for you      
Pre-configured Joomla sites      
SSL included      
CDN included      
SMTP included      
Everything Club membership Save $99.00!      
Access & Support Startup Pro Premium
Priority, personal support      
Access to 20 templates      
Access to 32 extensions      
Access to 500+ training videos      
Access to 2 Joomla books      
  Startup Pro Premium
  $49.00 per month

  Get Startup Hosting!
$79.00 per month

  Get Pro Hosting!
$119.00 per month

  Get Premium Hosting!

About the author

Steve is the CEO of Joomlashack. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve has been involved with Joomla since 2006.