Updates and Bug-fixes for mid-February 2016

This week we released a new round of updates for some of our extensions, focusing on bug fixes. Here are more details:

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Extension updates at the end of January 2016

At the end of January, we've published several new extension updates. Here's an overview:

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Introducing OSEmbed: the easiest way to embed anything in Joomla


Have you been in the following situation?

  • You're watching a really great YouTube video and want to add it to your site.
  • You take the embed code and paste it into your Joomla site. That doesn't work.
  • You disable your WYSIWYG editor and add the embed code. You turn the editor back on and everything breaks.

You need OSEmbed, our new extension.

OSEmbed is the easiest way to embed anything in Joomla. OSEmbed will make Joomla far easier for you and your customers.

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Simple Renew: Important Security Fix v1.1.18

We had an independent security person test our site last week and he found a security issue in Simple Renew.

Our developer fixed the issue and we've released a new version of Simple Renew. Please download the latest version of Simple Renew and upgrade to it at your earliest opportunity. Alternatively, you can upgrade from Joomla's update manager.

Please read the below info:

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You need to migrate to Joomla 3 now

Joomla! just released their last beta release 3.5.1. We will need to wait a little longer for the stable version.

For those of you keeping your sites up to date, this new release will be a common procedure. However, if you have not been updating your Joomla site, findings reveal the need to upgrade/migrate to the latest stable version. Doing this will eliminate risks from vulnerabilities possibly found in old versions.

Please, don't become part of the statistics.

Why migrate your site?

We cannot explain this better than the good folks from Joomla.org. Read their reasons HERE. In short: you NEED to upgrade your site!

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Can You Guess Our Secret, New Joomla Extension?

We're getting a secret, new Joomla extension ready for release in the next few weeks.

This will bring one of the best-loved WordPress features to Joomla. It will make everyone's Joomla life easier.

Here's a draft version of the logo ...


Can you guess what this extenson will be?


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OSDownloads Export Email and Sort Files

One of our most popular extensions, OSDownloads, just got some great new features added to it. Including some bug-fixes, the new version allows you to export emails and sort the files. osdownloads

New releases for both versions, Free and Pro, are now available.

Read on to find out more...

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OSMap and OSContent Bug Fixes

We have just released OSMap 3.1.6 and OSContent 1.10.3 addressing improvements to input sanitizing and other bug-fixes. 


Read on to find out more...

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Joomla user registration plugin released for automated marketing tool

add user

Today we published new plugin for the jInbound — the User Registration add-on.

This plugin automatically creates a new Joomla user when a lead submits a landing page. 

Full details can be found in the jInbound documentation.

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AcyMailing plugin updated with opt-in support


Today we published new a release for the jInbound Acymailing plugin (version 1.0.2).

This release adds an important feature: the ability for leads to opt-in to the AcyMailing lists.   

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