The History of JCal Pro

JCal Pro was initially created by Victor Drover, a professor in academic science at the time, as ExtCal extension for Mambo CMS. When Joomla CMS forked from Mambo CMS, Victor forked ExtCal, called it JCalPro and began distributing it to Joomla users for free.

In 2007 Victor's company, Anything Digital, began charging for JCal Pro downloads and support, and this shift to a commercial model allowed Victor to retire and focus on Joomla full-time.

As the Anything Digital team and its customer base grew, Victor founded Watchful, a web site management dashboard which rapidly grew in popularity amongst Joomla web administrators, and TreeFlame, a web development company, thus moving away from Joomla extensions development.

At that point, in the middle of 2016, Victor and's CEO, Steve Burge, mutually agreed for JoomlaShack to step forward and take over JCal Pro and its further development, maintenance, marketing, and distribution.

What is JCal Pro?

JCal Pro is a Joomla extension that helps you to create, publish and manage events on your Joomla site.

According to Wikipedia:

An event may refer to ... [following] gatherings of people:
  • Ceremony, an event of ritual significance, performed on a special occasion
  • Convention (meeting), a gathering of individuals engaged in some common interest
  • Event management, the organization of events
  • Festival, an event that celebrates some unique aspect of a community
  • Happening, a type of artistic performance
  • Media event, an event created for publicity
  • Party, a large social or recreational gathering
  • Sporting event, at which athletic competition takes place
Wikipedia - Event

If you would like your Joomla based web site to be able to handle any of the above listed types of events, then the JCal Pro extension is the best tool for you to do the job.

It’s as simple as installing JCal Pro with one click, creating an events category and the required events per your schedule, allowing (if you wish) your events’ attendees to register beforehand, and creating a front end menu to display your events to your site visitors in a stylish calendar. It’s that simple!

Video Introduction to JCal Pro