How to Require a Tweet or Facebook Like in Return for File Download

OSDownloads Pro has one cool social marketing feature built into it. With this feature, you can set a file to be available for download only if the visitor:

  • Sends a Tweet about the file to their stream 
  • Sends a Facebook Like of the file to their Facebook stream

Please note that OSDownloads allows you to ask for a Facebook Like of your website's file download page. It won't allow you to ask for a Like of your Facebook Page. The first one is perfectly legal and permitted by Facebook's Policies. The second one is prohibited by Facebook Policies.

How to Configure this Social Sharing Feature

  • Go to Components > OSDownloads Pro > Files
  • Create a new file or edit an existing one
  • Click the Requirements to Download tab.

You'll now see four settings:

Requirements to Download

  1. Require Social Share. Choose Yes.
  2. Twitter Hashtags. Add a custom Twitter hashtag. Example: #seo,#guide,#beginners
  3. Twitter Via. Add your Twitter account. Example: @viamysite
  4. Twitter Text. Add text that will be included with the tweet. For example: I just found this cool SEO guide: {name}. The {name} tag will add the file name at the end of the text.

There is no specific setting needed to require a Facebook Like in exchange for a file download. You simply need to set Require Social Share to Yes.

  • Now, create and publish a menu item by one of OSDownloads Pro types. For example, by the type Single File in your top menu:

Single file menu item

  • Before saving this menu item, go to the OSDownloads options tab and select the file to be downloaded:

Select file to be downloaded

How This Feature Works with Facebook

When your site visitor clicks this menu item, they will see the file download page with the blue Download button:

The Download button

  • Once your visitor clicks the Download button, they will see the Before download... modal box with Tweet button from Twitter, Like button from Facebook and Continue... button from the OSDownloads Pro component:


  • The message in the box reminds them that they must either Tweet or Like to be able to download the file
  • If at this moment they attempt to continue without tweeting or liking, they will see the You need to share ... warning:

You need to share ... warning

  • When your site visitor clicks on the Facebook Like button, the button disappears. Instead, the visitor now sees the clickable Confirm link:

The Confirm button

  • To proceed, the visitor clicks on the Confirm. Provided they are logged in onto their Faceebook account, they will now see a typical Facebook Like Web Page box:

Do You Want to Like This

The box includes the following:

  1. The prompt question Do You Want to Like This?
  2. The title of your menu item, linked to the file download page
  3. The thumbnail of the image of the download file page 
  4. The text of the download file page description
  5. The Like button
  6. The Cancel button
  • The visitor clicks the Like button. In response, the thumbs-up icon of the Like button gets replaced by the white tick icon. This indicates that the Like was successfully sent to his Facebook account:

The file has been marked as liked

  • When they now check their Facebook account, they will see the Like displayed as a link to the file download page in their Activity Log:

The file seen at their Facebook activity log

How This Feature Works with Twitter

The Twitter part of this feature works in a very similar fashion to Facebook.

  • When they click the Tweet button, they will see the Share a link with your followers box from The box will be pre-populated with the text, you entered above in the Twitter Hashtags, Twitter Via and Twitter Text fields:

Twitter box

  • Once they finished the twitting, the Continue... button will become operable. They then will be able to download the file.