Sell Access to Create Listings in Shack Locations

It is possible to allow users to buy access so they can create listings in Shack Locations. This is possible thanks to the Simple Renew extension.

One variation on this - you could allow users to buy acccess to view listings in Shack Locations.

These are powerful extensions with lots of features, so this tutorial will focus tightly on the eCommerce integration. I would encourage you to read the Simple Renew and Shack Locations documentation if you have specific questions on either one.

Step #1. User Group for Access

Your first step is to choose or create a user group for your users. In this tutorial, we'll create a new user group and access level for our listing creators.

  • Go to "Users", then "Groups" in your Joomla admin area.
  • Click "New".
  • Choose a "Group Title".
  • Choose "Registered" as the "Group Parent".
  • Click "Save".

listing creators

  • Go to "Users", then "Access Levels" in your Joomla admin area.
  • Click "New".
  • Chose a "Level Title".
  • Choose your new user group.

listing creators access

Step #2. Give your users access to create listings

Next, we are going to give Listing Creators access to create listings.

  • Go to "Components", then "Shack Locations Pro" in your Joomla admin area.
  • Click the "Options" link in the top-right corner.
  • Choose your new user group in the left sidebar. I've choosen "Listing Creators".
  • Give your user group the "Allowed" setting for "Create".
  • You may also want to give them access to "Edit Own" and "Edit States" which will give them more control over their listings.

listing permissions

Step #3. Create a Simple Renew plan

Finally, we are going to create a Simple Renew that will sell access to the "Listing Creators" group. Users will join this plan will auttomatically join the "Listing Creators" group and they will be automatically removed when their subscription ends.

  • Go to "Components", then "Simple Renew Pro" in your Joomla admin area.
  • Edit an existing plan, or create a new plan.
  • Choose your new user group from the "User Group' dropdown:

create listings plan