How to Create a Facebook Application

To help Facebook better share images on your Joomla site, we highly recommend creating a Facebook Application and entering its ID number into your Shack Open Graph plugin.

Let's take a look at this task.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Visit the Facebook Products page and go to My Apps > Add New App:

click create app

  • You will see the "Create a New App ID" box. Enter the required details:
  1. Display Name: Enter an informative name that you would like to be associated with your new Facebook App.
  2. Contact Email: Enter your contact email address.
  3. Click the Create App ID blue button:

enter your facebook app details

  • You will be presented with the Security Checkbox modal box. Tick the "I'm not a robot" checkbox and click "Submit":

complete the security checkjpg

  • On the left side, Click Settings > Basic:

click settings basic

  • On the right side, enter the required details:
    • App domain: enter your site URL
    • Privacy Policy URL: enter here an URL of your Privacy Policy page
    • Terms of Service URL: enter here an URL of your ToS page
    • Data Protection Officer Contact Information: fill in this section with appropriate contact information
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, click "Save changes":

fill in the field click save changes

  • If you selected the "Support my own business" option for the "Business Use", then scroll slightly down the page and click "Get started" in the "Business Verification" section:

click get started

  • You will be prompted to create a new business manager account with Facebook, as shown in the image below. Click "Create a new Business Manager Account":

click create a new business manager account

  • On the next prompt box, fill in the required fields with your business name, your name and your business email address and click "Create Account":

click create account

  • On the next screen, finish the process by clicking "Submit":

click submit

  • This will bring you back to the "Basic" screen. Good job! You just created your Facebook Application with its ID number at the top:

your facebook application id