iJoomla SEO - Video Raw Review

ijoomla seoEveryone needs to do SEO, its a continual point I make when speaking at Joomla events. Even if you are a local school, parents will first use Google to find information, they won't come directly to your site.

Our second Video Raw Review is on a useful SEO extensions called iJoomla SEO. Its a very useful tool to help you organize and manage you SEO efforts.

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I installed iJoomla SEO and put it through it's paces without ever having used it before. Raw look, no reading documentation, just install it and play!

Our take?

A very good SEO management tool that will save you a bunch of time for common optimization tasks, well worth its $99 price tag. Check out iJoomla SEO.


I shared the review with the iJoomla team and they quickly released a new version in a couple of days, the bug with selecting descriptions was fixed and the ad has been removed. Also, they whipped up a video on how to use redirects.

How to create automatic links in Joomla using iJoomla SEO