{templatename}, Free Joomla Template. It's good for our environment, and free!

Jump in and download our latest Free Joomla Template, {templatename}. You'll LOVE it's features, lightweight (bloat-free code) and easy on your pocketbook (FREE!).

{templatename} recipe is no secret and we're proud to say it contains:

  • 13 Module Positions The module positions are top, logo, menu, grid-top, grid-top2, breadcrumbs, sidebar1, sidebar2, above-content, below-content, grid-bottom, grid-bottom2, and footer.
  • 6 styles to choose from including cardboard, coarse linen cloth, cotton paper, craft paper, leather, and paper.
  • 960 Grid-powered {templatename} uses the popular 960 grid to achieve its sophisticated layout options. The 960 grid promotes balance, consistent white space, and usability.
  • CSS3 fueled CSS3 styles that degrade gracefully for older browsers
  • Wright Powered {templatename} is built on the same powerful and flexible template framwork that Joomlashack's commercial templates are built on!
  • And becasue it was built on Wright, {templatename} will be easily and quickly updated to become a Free Joomla 2.5 Template.

Built using the Wright 2 Framework!

Why Should you care what Framework your Joomla Template is built upon?

  • If you want your site to load quickly, then you need to have a Joomla Template built with a Framework that's Lightweight.
  • If you want your site to be able to run the latest version of Joomla, then you will need a Joomla Template built with a Future-Proof Framework that is quickly updated with each Joomla release.

Are all Template Frameworks built the same way?

Other Frameworks have taken what we are convinced is the wrong approach. They have integrated tons of features that have made their frameworks bloated, fat, slow, unreliable and tiresome to update and maintain. There is simply a lot more stuff to go wrong in them and more stuff to update with each new Joomla release. Soon you start to realize that when it comes to Frameworks: less is more.

Why is Joomlashack's Wright Framework Different?

We believe that the Framework should be minimalistic - - it should have the bare minimum to load and function. At 1.2Mb, Wright v1 was already the most lightweight Framework out there: Wright 2 is even lighter, and as a result, when compared with other Frameworks.

  • Sites built with Wright load quicker.
  • Wright works reliably with the most popular and the obscure Joomla Extensions.

The Joomlashack approach

We build light, non-bloated, and simple to install Joomla Templates to make your life easier. We call them "strictly Joomla", because in most cases you are able to install them using only the Joomla CMS and it's built-in features

Experienced developers have loved our "Strictly Joomla" Templates since 2005 because:

  • You don't need to install heavy plugins or extensions to make the template work.
  • Fewer extensions means easier updates and maintenance as well as better compatibility with 3rd party extensions. 
  • Our template's low Javascript footprint gives your site the best results on all browsers.
  • A light and quick-loading site is good for SEO.
  • Our templates' simpler overrides reduce installation, support, upgrade, and maintenance needs

The following is included with the purchase of your template:

  • The template install file.
  • Installation and configuration support and advice.
  • Source Graphics (but in most cases not the placeholder images) used to create the template, allowing easy customization of template graphics.
  • A guarantee the template will work as promised with default Joomla, and that bugs in this template if found will be fixed in a timely manner.

Color Options

Click on a template thumbnail below to view the demo in that style.

Style Cardboard Style Coarse Style Cotton Style Craft Style Leather Style Paper



All of our templates include detailed documentation for installation and configuration.


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