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Breezy is a colorful, versatile and easy to use template. It's loaded with features and comes bundled with 3 color styles.

  • Visionary and Easy Social Icons preinstalled in the Quicklauncher
  • Fully responsive
  • Built on the Wright Framework
  • Light and very fast-loading
  • Easy Quicklauncher installation
  • 2 beautiful main menu options
  • 3 color themes
  • 17 module positions
  • Joomlashack's stellar support

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Learn to create great content for your site

How do you create provocative, amusing and engaging contentHere is an excerpt by Chad Barr and Alan Weiss (authors of the book Million Dollar Web Presence) about three key elements that must be achieved in order for your organization to be successful on the Internet.

Design. Your site should be professionally designed, attractive and engaging, and be easy to navigate in order to quickly gain the visitors’ attention and interest. Good use of images is important as well as the use of action shots of you with your clients.

Content. Your site must focus on your visitors’ interests and address the question of what’s in it for them and how to improve their businesses and lives. To accomplish this, strong content must be developed in the form of products, services and intellectual property, while constantly evolving.

Strategy and tactics. Determine what the business should look like, how it should position itself online and what Internet components are critical to making the business a success. Decide how you should reach and communicate with customers: will they purchase products, read articles, subscribe to newsletters, communicate through blogs and online communities?

Without all three, your site’s effectiveness is greatly diminished.”

Let’s take a deeper dive into the first element: Design, which represents the most visible part of your site. Among the many things you need to consider you have screen real estate, response times, links, visual “noise”, brand representation, and a gazillion more. Thankfully, the web environment has evolved so much these days that one way to account for all these elements without having a thorough knowledge on web design is the use of pre-designed web templates.

Save time and headaches with Joomla Templates

Take Joomlashack's for example; we design bloat-free and quick loading Joomla templates that are beautiful, practical, engaging, and can be used for any type of business or organization. These templates have already incorporated the many elements related to web usability allowing you to save time to focus on writing the killer content that will complement the design you have chosen. Only you know the interests, needs and desires of your customers, readers and followers. Hence, template providers, like Joomlashack, can help you focus your time and efforts on putting together the content that only you know your customers will like.