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Founded September 2nd, 2005, the day after the Joomla project was officially launched, Joomlashack has been a reliable and leading provider of free and commercial Joomla templates, extensions and online training

After all these years, more than a million Joomla powered websites are using a Joomlashack design.  Many of the features you see on commercial templates today, like dynamic width buttons and source ordering for SEO were first developed by us.  We wrote the first official Template Design guide for and tens of thousands have used it to develop their Joomla template skills.

We provide Inspiring Solutions to Simplify your Life

Our goal is to provide Joomla users with high quality responsive Joomla Templates that are easy to install, maintain, and update. They also work well with 3rd party plugins and extensions and can be easily customized into an infinite number of designs.

Joomlashack products are loved by Joomla beginners and professionals alike because we understand your needs better than anyone else in this industry.