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Have you been getting by with just the bare minimum in web-design skills? Is your skill level limiting the scope of your projects and designs? Are you ready to become a pro?

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Joomlashack University is Powered by OSTraining, so when you sign up to Joomlashack University you get access to ALL OUR online training as well as ALL of OSTraining's Content including state of the art Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, HTML, CSS, and PHP courses.

We've trained thousands since 2005

Yes, you're at the right place to learn to build functional, reliable and cool websites. It will be quick and easy. We started teaching web-design in 2005.

With our easy-to-follow videos YOU will:

Joomla Websites

Become a CMS Triple-Threat

You'll learn  to Master Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress.

Joomla backups

Backup and protect your site

You'll learn to use the tricks and tools the Pro's use.

Joomla Multilingual Websites

Learn to drive more traffic to your site(s)

You will learn SEO and Conversion Optimization.

Powerful Joomla Extensions

Update, Maintain and Improve your site

Think of the freedom and savings you'll enjoy.



What You Get

Joomla Classes

Classes for Beginners

to Intermediates


It's so easy even a Grandma can learn

Joomla Learn

Peace... Learn at Your

Own Pace


Play, Pause, Rewind

Play Again

Joomla Expert Support

Expert Support

and Care


Our support staff is patient, supportive,

and knowledgeable (limited to Joomla)

Trust Joomlashack University

Founded on September 2nd, 2005 -- the day after the Joomla project was officially launched, Joomlashack has been a reliable and leading provider of Joomla templates and extensions. We were among the first to identify the need for professional web design training. 

Joomlashack University is Powered by OSTraining

OSTraining has quickly become the GOLD-Standard in Open Source Training. When you sign up to Joomlashack University, you can now have access to all our Joomla Training PLUS all of OSTraining's content.

The best Joomla Training - plus Drupal, Wordpress, and Coding

In addition to the widest array of Joomla Training on the web, you ALSO get OSTraining's awesome collection of state of the art Drupal, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, and PHP video tutorials, lessons, and courses.

Thank you very much. Money well spent. I've gone through most of the ShackU videos and I'm truly happy. What a Great job. Please keep up the high standards. Thank you!

Joshua Banks

OMNIA Manager and Owner

More About OSTraining.

OSTraining got started over 5 years ago with live training. To that end is has become the most successful trainer of Open Source CMS's in the World. Its client list is a who's who of american government agencies, universities, and fortune 500 companies including the White House, the United Nations, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, Harvard, Yale among a hundred others. 

OSTraining has over 1200 Training Videos, 15,000 happy members, and over 1050 detailed written tutorials. In addition to all of Joomlashack University's content, you will get ALL of OSTraining when you join Joomlashack University.

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Joomla (15 courses)

Joomla is both flexible and easy. Joomla is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide. With over 10,000 extensions available and even more templates, Joomla can do anything you need.

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Drupal (18 courses)

Drupal is powerful, flexible software used by large sites. Many government agencies use Drupal, including, as do many renowned companies and institutions, such as Sony, the New York Stock Exchange and many more.

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WordPress (6 courses)

WordPress is easy to use and easy to modify. For these reasons, WordPress is the most popular way for people to build a website. Millions of people every day use it to create blogs and websites.

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Coding (4 courses)

The three key building blocks for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are HTML, CSS and PHP. Our coding classes teach you how to master all three of these vital languages.


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