Hello, We Are Joomlashack!


" I very much enjoy your site (s) and your work around the Joomla CMS and thank you for all this!
Hope you will continue this work! "
— Jorgen Aschim
" You asked us to drop you a note if this is too much information. On the contrary... what a great newsletter, lots of "news you can use" instead of all marketing fluff. Yet you still managed to compel people to click onto your site, which I haven't visited in a while. Great job! I wish all newsletters were this informative. Nice friendly tone, too. "
— Site Hook Creative Services
" Thanks for the email. Your emails are always worth reading which is more than I can say for most emails I get these days. "
— James Friesen

" It is not often that I read through newsletters like these completely. But I almost always do with yours. It is like a second source of Joomla information (the first being joomla.org, of course). "

" Thanks for this update. You website has proven to not only be a wealth of information but on top of key issues.
Keep up the great work! "
รณ Dan Connaghan, TheBigBrain.ca

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