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"I must say that the Joomlashack University and your quick replies are FANTASTIC.

I am so glad I found you guys, as it has been great working with you and the University movies are so easy to follow.

No need to pay some local website builder $5000.00 to build me a website!
Parrish Macleod - Joomlashack University Student
"First, I would like to say that I really, really enjoy your online tutorials on JU. I am a rookie web master for my company's website, sorinroyercooper.com, and I can't tell you how helpful your tutorials have been to me. They are informative, helpful, and very easy to follow. They have saved me countless hours trying to read through books and they have saved my company a lot of money. Not to mention they have also saved me a lot of aggravation.

Thank you!
Matt Loy - Joomlashack University Student
"Thank you very much. Money well spent"

I've gone through most of the ShackU videos and I'm truly happy. What a Great job. Please keep up the high standards.

I watched a ShackU video, "Creating a blog with K2" by Forest Linden. I just want to say, "excellent job Forest!!". It's very rarely that I can find a video where everything is done just about perfect. Visually the videos are clear and look great even when expanded to full screen. You speak clearly. You stay on topic. It's obvious you guys/gals at JoomlaShack put time into making sure these videos meet some kind of quality standard before publication. Either that or your just a very multi-talented individual Forest...

I use Camtasia to make how-to videos for retirees learning to use computers for the first time. It's not an easy task to get right. I think I spend almost 45mins of editing for every 5-10mins of video I make. That's why I'm impressed with the work done at ShackU.

Thank you!
Joshua Banks "
Joshua Banks - Joomlashack University Student
"I have purchased four books related to Joomla, spent countless hours on the internet and Joomlashack University is by far the best use of my time and money. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Karen Carter - Joomlashack University Student

" It took little prompting for me to write a testimonial to Joomlashack for it's great range of products. I am a web designer/developer and run a fast-growing web design studio in Sydney, Australia - Webline Design Studio. We were going through a re-brand and I found Joomlashack's designs. The site is http://www.webline.com.au My business partner was also impressed with the quality of the designs, so we purchased Aqualine Noir - which to this day, is my favourite of all the designs. It provided a great framework for us to implement and project that we are a quality design studio. Not only is it a bug-free template, it works 100% on ALL browser platforms, and we are constantly getting comments on how great our site looks. It also fitted really well with our natural design style, and because a very simple task to incorporate our pages into it. I'd like to extend our thanks for creating great products, and look forward to more as they come! "

Webline Design Studio

" I have tested and tried many Joomla templates for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, including those from Joomlashack competitors. Within months of implementing their template for my small business, my site ranking in the major search engines including Google greatly improved. Comparatively my website and domain was very young, but I was able to get to page 1 on google based on some very competitive keywords anyway. I have been building websites since the 90s, but the quality of the Joomlashack templates just blow me away. Not only do they look nice, from a coding and SEO perspective they are simply the best and cleanest you can find. Also the advise given on the Joomlashack forum in regards to SEO, has been a major contribution to my results. "

Nicole Schneider

"Dear Joomla!Shack guys, You rule. thank you so much for coming up with a solution for sending bulk email with Joomla. I have a Joomla site with yanc as my email system and have not been able to send email as yanc is sooooo buggy and just doesn't work. It was programmed in by the guy who developed my site, but he is long gone. Here's the thing. I am so excited to try icontact with your joomla fix. Our visitors range from industry movers and shakers to tons and tons of soap opera fans. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again."

  - Linda Marshall-Smith, Soapdom, Inc.
" I got a dev-pack with 3 licenses of the lightfast-template. I really love this template and I'm playing around with it a lot. Is it possible that I upgrade to a dev-pack with 6 licenses? "
— Patrick Nell

" I have been using Joomla for a little over a year now and finally decided to purchase a commercial template.. After seeing the Aqualine Reloaded template I knew it was for me. After spending a couple nights installing, configuring, and customizing the template I am very pleased with the quality of the template. It looks great out of the box and I was able to easily customize it for my personal preferences. Discovering Joomla was amazing and now with Joomlashack I am simply stoked! Thanks! "

Jerid Johnson
" The Simplicity template is superbly put together and what impressed me even more was the amount of support material that came with it. I'm exceptionally pleased with the template, the fantastic support and guidance. Thanks! "
— Philip Roy, NZMac.com

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