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Joomlashack BlogThe members of our team here at Joomlashack spend countless hours involved in a number of websites and various projects. From time to time if we feel there's something you as a user might want to know, we'll post it here. Enjoy!

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jcal pro big Last week, we announced that over a dozen extra extensions were coming to Joomlashack, thanks to a merger with

So, if you're a member of our Extensions Club, you will suddenly get 400% more value. Instead of 5 extensions, you'll have access to about 20.

Alledia's extensions include some of the most popular extensions in Joomla, such as OSMap, OSYouTube, Tabs and Sliders and more.

Today, we're can add one more to that list: JCal Pro. 

JCal Pro is one of the most popular calendar and events components in Joomla. Initially, JCal Pro will move to Alledia. But, it will then move to Joomlashack during the merger.

We intend to make Joomlashack a one-stop destination for all your Joomla needs. We hope you'll agree that this another big step in that direction!

We're Going to Merge Alledia into Joomlashack

We have some very positive news for Joomlashack users.

We're going to merge into If you're a member of our Extensions Club, you will suddenly get 400% more value. Instead of 5 extensions, you'll have access to about 20.

Sometime in the next few weeks, will redirect to, and over a dozen extra extensions will appear on Joomlashack. These include some of the most popular extensions in Joomla, such as OSMap, OSYouTube, Tabs and Sliders and more.

Read more: Alledia Extensions are Coming to Joomlashack

Joomlashack logo Since taking over Joomlashack in April, we've hard at work revamping everything.

We launched Clementine, a new template, plus major updates for Onyx, Vintage and Techie. We're also planning new versions of Breeze, Community, Optimus and Travertine. Once that's done, all our templates will be running on the Wright 3 framework.

Read more: New Demo Sites for Joomlashack Templates and Extensions

Joomlashack logoEarlier this week, we published our roadmap for Joomlashack.

One of the key points on the roadmap was this:

"We're going to focus. During the last 11 years, Joomlashack has released over 100 templates. That's just too many to keep updated and supported. Over the next few weeks, we're going to retire some older templates, particular those that are only available for Joomla 1.5 or 2.5. All future releases will be for Joomla 3 only."

So, today we're releasing more details around that decision.

Read more: We're Retiring Some Joomlashack Templates

The Shack is Back! Here is Our 2016 Roadmap About one month ago, we welcomed Joomlashack into our larger OSTraining team.

Since then we've been hard at work creating a roadmap for Joomlashack. Here are the 7 major items on our roadmap for the next few weeks:

  1. Joomlashack is releasing templates again! This week, we released Clementine. In the next couple of weeks, we'll release a new and responsive version of Vintage. We also have a 100% new design in progress. Stay tuned for major improvements to our selection of Joomla templates.
  2. Joomlashack extensions are getting updates again! All major bugs with Joomlashack extensions will be fixed very shortly.
  3. Read more: The Shack is Back! Here's Our 2016 Roadmap

Joomlashack is now part of OSTraining

As you may know, Joomlashack University became powered by OSTraining in 2013. Since then, Eddie (the CEO of Joomlashack) and I have continued to collaborate on a number of ventures and companies.

Eddie, who has become an integral part of the OSTraining team, asked me to help him with Joomlashack. He wanted Joomlashack to move forward more quickly and with more resources.

Enter the OSTraining team of developers, designers, and support staff …

We have taken over Joomlashack’s template and extension development projects. We'll strive to increase product launches, as we bring the company's technological excellence on par with the high standards we have at OSTraining and Alledia.

Read more: Joomlashack and OSTraining

Joomla! just released their last beta release 3.5.1. We will need to wait a little longer for the stable version.

For those of you keeping your sites up to date, this new release will be a common procedure. However, if you have not been updating your Joomla site, findings reveal the need to upgrade/migrate to the latest stable version. Doing this will eliminate risks from vulnerabilities possibly found in old versions.

Please, don't become part of the statistics.

Why migrate your site?

We cannot explain this better than the good folks from Read their reasons HERE. In short: you NEED to upgrade your site!

Read more: You need to migrate to Joomla 3 now

Social media is a pervasive part of today’s culture, whether you’re looking at it from a user standpoint or a marketing standpoint. The social web has the largest amount of traffic, endless user engagement and is the place to be to maintain any sort of web presence. Sharing buttons and integrated features are a commonly touted tool for Joomla templates, but with new social medias popping up practically every day, it’s important to figure out a good sharing balance, where to position your sharing buttons, and how many buttons are too many.

Which Sites to Share?

The first order of business is figuring out which social media sites are most appropriate for your website. You want to go with the high-traffic social media sites to start, such as Facebook, Google+, Reddit and Pinterest. Expanding further depends on your audience and your niche. Niche social media sites give you targeted traffic of those who are more likely to be interested in the topics you’re talking about, at the expense of having lower traffic volume. Take a look at where your target demographic likes to spend their time before deciding on other social media sites.

Read more: Web-Design Social Media Update

Grid Layouts Rock!

Nothing trumps a reliable, easy-to-use UI. No amount of killer graphics, clever landing pages, or HTML5 showboating can equal a site that displays information clearly and concisely. Grid-based layouts are a perfect tool to do that. They can present a huge amount of content at a glance, and are easy to update. But, keeping them interesting can be a challenge. Here are some tips to bring the "wow" factor.

Keep it cohesive

One of the dangers of this layout is that it can feel cluttered. You have to give it a seamless look. Grid layouts can't feel arbitrary. Your readers' attention gets scattered if the layout looks like it's thrown together. If you are using a lot of images (and it's not a news-based site), pick ones that are similar in color scheme or composition, like Canvas Magazine does with its neutral photos. Viktoria Klein uses images that are linked by color, pattern or content to add variety while still keeping the aesthetic flow.

Read more: On the Grid: Tips for Grid Layouts


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