How to Open a Popup On Page Load Using Shack Toolbox

How to Automatically Open a Popup with Shack Toolbox

One of our customers asked how to load a popup that automatically opens after a page loads. Our "Shack Toolbox" Joomla extension is the best tool to do the job.

In this short tutorial we'll explain how to open a popup on a page load using "Shack Toolbox".

Step #1. Install Shack Toolbox

Step# 2. Create a new Shack Toolbox instance

  • Go to Extensions > Modules > Add new
  • Choose "Shack Toolbox"
  • Choose the "debug" position, if available
  • Assign the module to the pages where you want it to display the popup through "Menu assignment" tab
  • Choose the type of content you want to display (e.g. Article, Facebook page, Custom HTML, etc.)

shack toolbox auto open popup on page load

Step #3. Location and effects

  • In the "Location and effects" tab, choose these options:
    • Before opening: hidden
    • After opening: Lightbox - Fade-in

shack toolbox auto open popup on page load

Step #4. Enable on page load

  • Go back to the "Before opening" section.
  • Click on the "Advanced" button to reveal extra settings. Then set "Auto-open" to the "On load" option.

shack toolbox auto open popup on page load

Below you'll have options to set more settings, such as auto-open delay, counter storage, etc. 

Tip: if you want the popup to open always in every page load, set "Auto-open count" as 0.

Step #5. Check the end result

  • Preview the end result in frontend. After the page loads, the popup should come up.

shack toolbox auto open popup on page load

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