Joomla Tip: Add New Module Positions Inside a Component

Do you know that you can display modules inside components? This is possible with a single line of PHP code.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to display a module inside any component.

We will use the articles component for this example. However, this approach works for any component.

Step #1. Create a template override

Let's create a template override to place our customizations safely.

  1. Go to Extensions
  2. Templates
  3. Templates (child menu)
  4. Your template details and files


We are about to create a template override for single articles.

  • Now go to the Create overrides tab.
  • In the "Components" column, click on com_content > article. A set of files will be generated in the folder /templates/your-template/html/com_content/article/


Step #2. Edit the template override

  • Go to the Editor tab
  • Find the file default.php inside the /com_content/article/ folder
  • Add the custom php code below where position-name means the name of your custom module position:
    <?php echo JHtml::_('content.prepare', '{loadposition position-name}'); ?>


  • Click Save and close when you're done

Step #3. Create a new module

Let's test our custom module position.

  • Go to Extensions > Modules > Add new.
  • Choose the module type you want. In our example, we're going use a Custom HTML module.
  • Type the new module position in the Position parameter, and press the Enter key. In this case, we're using position-name.
  • Under "Menu Assignment", make sure the module is enabled for all the pages.
  • Save and close the module.


Step #4. End result

Preview one of your full articles in the frontend of your site. The module should be visible somewhere inside the article layout.


Have problems showing modules inside articles?

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins.
  • Make sure the plugin Content - Load modules is enabled.


About the author

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