All the Joomla News for April 2022

All the Joomla News for April 2022

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OSContent is Ready for Joomla 4

OSContent is now available for Joomla 4 users! You can download version 2.0 and the same package file will work on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. This is the 18th extension that we've updated for Joomla 4. OSContent is designed for managing, adding, creating, and deleting articles, categories and menu links. OSContent is a wonderful time-saver if you need to quickly add content to a Joomla site.

See more about OSContent and Joomla 4.

The Web Authentication API in Joomla 4

I learned a lot from this new article in the Joomla Magazine. I'd heard about the WebAuthn (The Web Authentication API) but never used it. Now it's in the Joomla core and this article explains why:

Find out more the Web Authentication API.

What's coming in Joomla 4.2

Joomla 4.2 is in Alpha at the moment. Here's some of what's already in this release:

  • The extension installer does a better job of catching errors
  • You can add permissions to the Media Manager
  • There's an improved "Save" button for frontend editing
  • Users can control what columns they see in the "Articles" screen

More details on the new features in Joomla 4.2.

JoomlaDays France Will Be In-Person

This will be the first in-person Joomla event since the pandemic began. JoomlaDays France is coming up on May 20 and 21.

Visit the JoomlaDays France website.

SobiPro is Ready for Joomla 4

As you know, we love to share news about other Joomla companies doing well. Congrats to Radek Suski and Sigrid Suski who have released SobiPro 2. This version is ready for Joomla 4. SobiPro is a multi-content extension that you can use to build directories, maps, and much more:

See more about SobiPro and Joomla 4.

Video: Introducing StageIt

I don't normally share Tim Davis' long videos ... my attention span is zero, so I prefer the short ones, sorry Tim! :)  But this is a good one: Tim introduces StageIt, a Joomla extension that allows you to create a staging area so you can test things on your Joomla site without breaking your live site.

Watch Tim's video on StageIt.

RocketTheme is Putting Out New Templates

I'm happy to share positive signs about Joomla 4 and here's one from Andy Miller and RocketTheme. They've updated Gantry and many of their templates for Joomla 4. Since that work is finally finished, they're back to putting out new templates:

See Studius, the new RocketTheme template.

Discussion: How to Deal with a DDOS Attack in Joomla

A DDOS attack is a distributed denial-of-service where attackers send millions of bots to your site, hoping to crash the server. A user asked this question in our Facebook group: "I got hit this weekend with my first DDoS attack. What are my options? What would you suggest? The websites produce no profit, so cost is a major consideration." The Joomlashack community responded with great advice.

See the discussion on dealing with DDOS attacks.

Video: Safely Updating Joomla

Tim Davis has some advice on when you can safely update Joomla. There was a login bug in 4.1.2 and this is the discussion Tim mentions:

Watch Tim's video on updating Joomla.

Discussion: Adding an Instant Messenger to Joomla

One user asked this: "Anyone here worked with adding an instant messenger to their websites? I am looking to add an encrypted option." The Joomlashack community had several great suggestions.

See the discussion on messaging options with Joomla.

Interview with Joomla's Development Leaders

This was an interesting read: an interview with Benjamin Trenkle and Harald Leithe, who are responsible for the Joomla 4 releases and the planning for a future Joomla 5:

Read the interview with Benjamin and Harald.

Virtuemart is Ready for Joomla 4

Virtuemart, the long-standing Joomla shopping cart, is now ready for Joomla 4 and PHP 8. Version 4 comes with a new frontend and backend template.

More about Virtuemart 4.