All the Joomla News for January 2023

All the Joomla News for January 2023

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JCal Pro is Almost Ready for Joomla 4

I have news for JCal Pro users. There is some good and some bad news. JCal is our biggest extension and by far the most difficult to migrate to Joomla 4. The process has already taken many, many months.
  • Good news: We are very close to having a Joomla 4 ready version.
  • Bad news: At least initially, the new JCal won't have frontend editing. We've dropped this feature for now in order to make a release possible.

We hope to have a testable version for you all in the next couple of weeks or so.


AutoUpdate the Copyright Year on your Joomla Site

Tim Davis has a new video that's ideal for the start of the year: "Have you forgotten to update the copyright year on your Joomla site? Don't risk your site looking abandoned and out of date by displaying a copyright year that isn't current. Set it to automatically and always show the current year."
Watch Tim's copyright vido

What did 2022 bring for Joomla?

Philip Walton answers that question: "More awards than ever before, followed by growth after many years of decline. Two new minor versions and another year winning a place on Google Summer of Code and much more."
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Introducing the Latest Articles Module

Maurice Molenaar explains, "How to show articles from one or more specific categories anywhere you want on your website. For this, you can use the Latest Article module. I will show you what it is, what it can do and how you can use it on your website."
Read about the Latest Articles Module

DJExtensions has 8 Free Modules for Joomla 4

DJExtensions is a Polish company that produces some good extensions and templates. They have free modules that are now compatible with Joomla 4 including these:
  • JM Social Icons
  • JM Testimonials
  • JM Image Carousel
  • JM Additional Features
  • JM Counter
  • JM Best Features
  • JM Team Profiles
  • JM Simple Image Slider
See the free modules for Joomla 4

Visualising Data with Google Looker Studio

Louise Hawkins writes: "You probably know how to collect data and statistics from your Joomla website. But what if you want to visualise them or present them to your clients? That’s where Google Looker Studio comes in."
Read about Joomla and Google Looker Studio

Check Out this Online Joomla Meetup

There's a Facebook group with only 100 members that is having success with small online meetups. If you search on Facebook for "Website Design Company Owners - using Joomla!" you will find their private group. You can get a taste for their meetups by visiting their YouTube channel.
//" style="letter-spacing: normal; line-height: 100%; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; color: #ffffff; display: block;">Click here to see videos of the meetups

Regular Labs Have Finished Joomla 4 Upgrades

Congrats to Peter from Regular Labs who makes some of the most popular Joomla extensions. He wrote this on January 23: "As of today, we have (finally!) finished the process of making my extensions compatible with Joomla 4."
See Peter's Joomla 4 extensions

Over 1700 Templates for Joomla 4

Daniel from the French Joomla community has now listed nearly 2000 templates for Joomla 4 on This is an awesome project and very helpful for anyone looking to migrate to Joomla 4.
Check out the Joomla 4 templates

The K2 Project is Still Alive

K2 was one of the most popular extensions for Joomla 3. The developers posted an update in January, and they do plan to update K2 to Joomla 4.
Read about the K2 updates

A New Book Called "Joomla! 4 Masterclass"

Luca Marzo has a new book out on Joomla 4. I've not read the book yet but I do trust Luca's work. He has been involved with Joomla for many years and is currently the Lead Editor for the Joomla Community Magazine.
See Luca's new Joomla 4 book

Goodbye Lorem Ipsum, Hello ChatGPT

Tim Davis has a new video out: "I am now using Chat GPT to create sample content when testing layouts on Joomla sites. I like it far better than the traditional Lorem Ipsum text that has been used so much up to now."
Watch Tim's video on ChatGPT

Joomla Day USA in April

Mark your calendars for Joomla Day USA 2023 on April 21 - 23. They are hoping for a hybrid event, with the in-person portion to be in Austin, Texas.
Find out more about Joomla Day USA