All the Joomla News for March 2024

All the Joomla News for March 2024
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Joomla 5.1 is Coming in April

We're expecting the release of Joomla 5.1 in mid-April. The Joomla team is now on a 6 month release cycle. Joomla 5 was released in October, so Joomla 5.1 is due this month.
Get the Joomla 5.1 Beta

Joomla Day USA is April 11 to 13

Joomla Day USA is both an in-person event and a live event. It will be held in Nashville, plus it will also be open for online users. The event will bring together Joomla leaders, experts and enthusiasts from around the world.
Visit the Joomla Day USA website

Email Security for Joomla Users

Philip Walton shared an insightful article in the Joomla Magazine that dives deep into the email security world, focusing on SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
Read Philip's email security article

Video: Test Your Joomla Email for Deliverability

We've posted several articles in the last few months about email records and deliverability. Tim Davis shows a simple way to test your email address for deliverability.
Watch Tim's email video

Design Your Joomla Admin Screen

Daniel Dubois wrote a guide showing how to change the frontend display of the default Joomla login screen. Daniel uses template overrides to modify the layout and text for the logn area.
Read Daniel's login design article

Testing Joomla Made Easy With Docker

Charvi Mehra has been contributing to Joomla for a couple of years now. She has built a Docker environment to make it easier to test new Joomla releases or even your own site.

See Charvi's Docker environment

Canonical URLs in Joomla

Yannick from Weeblr wrote a guide to canonical URLs and their impact on SEO. This is useful knowledge because many websites allow the same page to be accessed via multiple addresses, and this can confuse search engines.
Read Yannick's guide to canonical URLs

Video: Create a Members-Only Section on Your Website

Want to create a premium section on your website for registered users? This comprehensive Joomla 5 tutorial will guide you through the entire process, step-by-step
Watch Brett's Joomla 5 video

Advanced CSS Techniques for Joomla Users

Philip Walton's latest article in the Joomla Community Magazine explores the future of Joomla web design. It discusses some of the latest CSS enhancements that are set to redefine Joomla sites' capabilities.
Read Philip's CSS article

A New Color Palette Module from Peter Martin

Peter Martin created a free Joomla 4 and 5 admin module to document the colors used in your website. He used to build custom HTML back-end modules for this, but after messing up a couple of times (saving in WYSIWYG editor removed the layout), he decided to program a small module.
Download Peter's module

Video: Enable Versioning in Joomla and Restore Previous Versions of Articles

This video from Easy Web Design in Austalia shows how to use Joomla 5's versioning tool and how to restore previous versions of articles.
Watch the versioning video