All the Joomla News for May 2024

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Planning for Joomla 5.2 is Underway

Joomla 5.1 was released in April. We can now expect Joomla 5.2 to arrive in October. This means that we're just starting the planing process for 5.2.
See the plans for Joomla 5.2

Video: How to Use Joomla's Action Logs

Tim Davis says, "If something has happened to your Joomla site and you are wondering "Whodunnit?" you might find the answer in Joomla's User Action Logs."
Watch Tim's video on User Action Logs

How to Customize the Joomla 5 Login Page

Daniel Dubois wrote a very good guide showing how to customize the login page of your Joomla 5 site. No coding is required.
See how to customize the Joomla login

Safeguard Content Against AI Crawlers

Yann Gomiero wrote a very interesting guide to updating your robots.txt file for AI bots. You site is being scanned by AI services such as OpenAI, Gemini and Anthropic. As creators of content, it's crucial to understand how to effectively manage and protect your content.
See how to protect your content

Video: How to Change the Colors of the Joomla 5 Admin

Eoin from Square Balloon says, "I came up with a highly customisable, highly repeatable, quick method to make changes to the Joomla admin." This is a really interesting approach that uses Tailwind CSS. In this video, Eoin provides the files you need.
Read Eoin's approach to admin design

Create a News Ticker Module For Joomla

This is Daniel Dubois' second article in this month's newsletter. In this tutorial, he shows how to create from A to Z, a fancy news ticker, based on "Newsflash", a Joomla native module.
See how to build a news ticker

Video: Automatically Insert a Read More in Joomla Article

Tim Davis says, "Here's a Joomla extension that automatically inserts read mores in your Joomla articles!"
Watch Tim's video on read more links

Add an Icon to the Article Title

Viviana Menzel wrote a guide to adding an individual icon to each article on your site. This is a nice challenge, and can be done with an override that makes adding icons easy for content managers.
Read Viviana's icon design article

Video: How to Use Versioning in Joomla

This video from Easy Web Design in Australia demonstrates how to use Joomla 5's versioning tool and how to restore previous versions of articles.
Watch the video on versioning

Joomla Days D-A-CH and Spain

The last weekend in May was the Joomla Day in the Netherlands. There are two big Joomla events in Europe after the summer vacation:

Video: Is Joomla a Dying Platform?

We've featured a lot of video tutorials from Mathew Tamin in this newsletter. Matthew's latest video is not tutorial but a passionate defense of why it's still worth using Joomla in 2024.
Watch Matthew's defense of Joomla