New Christmas Shopping Revelation.

A funny short blog from last year. - Eddie.

Merry Christmas to all.


Newsflash: Independent investigations have revealed what everyone really wants this Christmas, and it's not an iPad, again. It's a Joomla Template. “It’s the perfect gift - - it’s even better than a Snuggie” one man said. A Joomla template is always the perfect size, it’s the right color, it will fit in any stocking, there’s no express-overnight shipping charges, and a Joomla template can be bought in your PJ’s at home without having to bathe, dress, and drive yourself in the snow to a congested mall. Indeed, a Joomla Template and specifically a Joomlashack Joomla Template is the perfect gift for all your loved ones this Christmas.

This blog started out as a quick joke meant to lighten up your day, but then I asked my kids aged 11 and 9 how they would feel if Christmas morning they got a template for a present? I half expected to get the same eye rolling I get when I threaten to bring them coal if they don’t behave.  I totally did not expect the response I got: “A website template? As in… our very own websites? You mean… we could get our very own websites and fill them with whatever we like?” I am not sure if the prospect of a motorbike or a pony could have obtained the same excitement. They have already started making lists of all the toys, music, movie, and book reviews they will include as well as pictures of all their wonderful creations like drawings, paintings, comic strips, and Lego spaceships.

Am I on to something here?

Could a website really be the perfect gift? In an unscientific way, I’ve been asking everyone I know and so far I’ve only gotten one negative response, and she had her heart set on jewels so you can't really blame her. I guess my little joke is not starting to seem so silly now.

If you were good at knitting, making preserves, or baking fruitcakes, I’d suggest you give one of your creations to your loved ones. After all, giving someone a gift that’s made with your own hands shows that you care and love them. However as we all know, there is a big downside to homemade gifts. Just look at that awful looking hand knitted Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer sweater your aunt Doris gave you. That wouldn’t be the case with a website, though. Well, it might if you buy your templates elsewhere.  However, a website made with a Joomlashack template would always be a classy present and it might even enable them to make some money.

As the month progresses, at some point, you will consider braving the madness of setting foot in a mall. The good thing is, you dont have to. Just remember: a website made with a Joomlashack template is the perfect gift for everyone.

Eddie Tabush