New 6-in-6 Challenge and a New Joomla Template


The Summer 6-in-6 Challenge

Most Joomla Template companies launch just one Joomla Template each month, however we dont feel that 12 templates a year is enough. So for the past few years we have made the promise to our clients to launch more than 20 per year. That's almost twice as many as our competitors and we should be happy and proud of that huge acomplishment. However, every once in a while we go a little crazy - - it may be the heat or the humidity, and being the gluttons for punishment we are, we decide to push ourselves even harder and launch 6 new, reliable, and exciting products in as many weeks

6 New Products: 4 Joomla Templates and 2 Joomla Extensions to be Launched during the next 6 Weeks

If you recall, we failed our last 6-in-6 challenge. The last template we launched in the challenge, the exciting and revolutionary N6, was delayed and we ended up launching our 6 Joomla Templates in a period of 7 weeks. This time we have made the challenge even more complicated because we will be including two Joomla Extensions as part of the 6 products we will launch. Stay tuned during the next 6 weeks as we embark in this difficult undertaking.

Months of Preparation go into the Challenge

I hope that you dont think it takes a week to make each of the products we will launch? The fact is, we started preparing for this challenge back in March. That does not make it any easier though as there are always delays and unexpected dificulties. I want to thank the team for accepting the challenge and for all the sleepless nights that lay ahead for them.

Meet Natural our New Joomla Template


Eco-Friendly and true to Nature, meet Natural our new Joomla Template

To kick of the 6-in-6 Challenge we bring you this great new Template. Many of you mentioned that you wanted and needed an environmentally-themed Joomla Template, well, here it is. Natural is a new Joomla Template that's marked by easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality. The 6 soft colors and the simple and versatile layout lend themselves to fit a large variety of clients and the needs of their sites. Sure, it works with an enviromental theme perfectly, but we also feel it will suit, pardon the pun, a corporate site as well.

Built on the Wright Framework - Wright 3.0 Almost ready

We dont tire of telling you about the wonderful Wright Framework. We are proud to inform you that we are finalizing the touches on Wright 3.0. Wright 3.0 is full of cool new features I can't reveal yet, but one I will share with you is that Wright 3.0 will enable all future Joomlashack Joomla Templates to be responsive.