How to Solve the Joomla Message: "AJAX Loading Error: Not Found"

How to Solve the Joomla Message: "AJAX Loading Error: Not Found"

Did you ever see this message when trying to update your Joomla site?

AJAX Loading Error: Not Found

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a few options for getting rid of this error and smoothly running your Joomla update.

Reason #1. Inadequate values in max_execution_time and memory_limit

You may face the "AJAX Loading Error: Not Found" error if in your php.ini the max_execution_time and memory_limit PHP parameters are too low.

Contact your web hosting team and ask them to set max_execution_time = 120 and memory_limit = 128M.

Reason #2. Missing files

One reason Joomla may give you the AJAX Loading Error is missing files or folders in the /administrator/com_joomlaupdate folder:

Missing files

To check if this is the case:

  • Create your site backup.
  • Extract your Joomla installation pack to the root of your offending website.
  • Run the Joomla update again.

If the error still persists, read on.

Reason #3. Restrictive server

You may also bump into the AJAX Loading Error due to overly restrictive server configuration. Your server simply denies requests to the Joomla update extraction script.

Try this workaround:

  • In your site root, rename .htaccess to something like .htaccess-ORIGINAL.
  • Run the Joomla update
  • Rename the .htaccess-ORIGINAL back to .htaccess

If this doesn't do the job, then contact your hosting support team and ask them to allow your Joomla site to work with Joomla update script.

If the error still remains, try the solution below.

Reason #4. Wrong files permissions

Another reason for the AJAX loading error is wrong permissions or/and ownership for the /administrator/com_joomlaupdate/ files and folders.

To fix this, do the following.

download admin tools core

  • Install the "Admin Tools Core" with your Joomla extension manager.
  • Go to Components >> Admin Tools:

components admin tools

  • You will see the "Admin Tools Core" control panel. Click on the Fix Permissions button:

fix permissions button

  • Now go to Components >> Joomla! Update and you should be all set to run your Joomla update.