How to Edit Joomla Modules via the Frontend

How to Edit Joomla Modules via the Frontend

One of the hardest things about updating a Joomla site used to be figuring out which module to edit:

  • What was the name of the module?
  • What position was the module in?

That problem can now be solved easily - you can edit your modules just by visiting the front-end of your site and clicking on them.

Check the Global Configuration option

  • Login to your Joomla site.
  • Go to System > Global configuration.
  • Find the "Mouse-over Edit Icons for" option and make sure its set to modules or modules & menus.

Edit a module via the front-end

  • Login into the front-end of your site as a Super User.
  • Go to the page with the modules you want to edit.
  • Place your mouse over the content until you see an edit icon. Click on the icon.
joomla module frontent edit
  • Now you can update the module settings directly from the front-end:
joomla module frontent edit

Note: be aware this feature may work or not depending the template you're using.