Showing a Google Calendar Inside Joomla

This tutorial will show you how to display a Google Calendar inside your Joomla website.

Go to Your Google Calendar


Go, login and and click "Settings" in the top-right corner.

Find the Calendar ID


Click on "Calendars" and then click on the name of your calendar. Scroll down to "Calendar Address" and copy the "Calendar ID" to your notepad. It will have a long string of characters and then

Make the Calendar Public


Click "Share This Calendar", check the box next to "Make this calendar public" and click "Save".

Download the GCalendar Component


Now that you have your Google Calendar set up correctly, we're going to install the necessary Joomla component. Visit to download the GCalendar component

Extract the GCalendar Folder


Click on the GCalendar folder and extract it so you can see the various extensions inside.

Install GCalendar


Go to Extensions >> Install/Uninstall and click "Browse" to upload com_gcalendar

Go to the GCalendar Component


Go to Components >> GCalendar >> GCalendars

Creating a New Calendar


Click "New" in the top-right corner. You'll see three fields. You only need to give the calendar a title and enter the "Calendar ID" you found and saved earlier. Click "Save"

Make a Menu Link to the Calendar


Go to Menus >> Main Menu >> click "New" >> choose "GCalendar"

Choose the Calendar


Choose the calendar you created and click "Save".

Your Calendar Should Be Ready ...