How to Install a Joomlashack Template Demo Site with Akeeba Kickstart

Now and then our templates customers ask for a template Quick Start pack. Some Joomla templates providers offer them but we don't.

Instead, we offer an installable .jpa file of the requested template. Once you installed it, you will get an exact copy of the template's fully-fledged Demo site that you see at Joomlashack.

Use it if you would like your Joomla site to be its exact or very close replica.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install it using the popular "Akeeba Kickstart Core" tool. For this demonstration, I will use our Alasse template.

Step #1. Send us a request for the template Demo site installation file

  • If you have a valid subscription for a template, contact our Support team with a request for your template's Demo site. We will send you its .jpa file.

To install our "Alasse template" Demo site, I will be working with its installation file called alassebackup.jpa.

Step #2. Upload the .jpa file onto your server

  • Once you received the template Demo .jpa file from us, upload it to your server.

Step #3. Upload Akeeba Backup kickstart.php

  • Download the Akeeba Kickstart Core tool. It will allow you to extract the installation files and folders of your template's Demo site on your server.

download akeeba kickstart core

  • Extract the downloaded file to your hard drive. You should end up with the four files:

the extracted four files

  • Upload the kickstart.php file to the same folder on your server where you uploaded the .jpa file in Step #2. You should now see both the .jpa and the kickstart.php files on your server:

the two files

Good job! You are now ready to proceed to installation.

Step #4. Install the template's Demo site

  • Point your browser to <your site domain>/kickstart.php and press the Enter key. For my demonstration, I am installing the Alasse Demo site in the /alassedemosite/ sub-folder:

point your browser to kickstart php file

  • You will see the "Things you should know about Akeeba Kickstart" screen. Read the instructions and click the link at the bottom:

click the link to continue

  • You will be taken to a new tab with the "Akeeba Kickstart Core" screen. Leave all the settings intact, scroll down and click the green "Start" button:

click the green start button

  • After a brief activity on the screen, you will see the green "Run the Installer" button. Click on it:

click on run the installer button

  • After some short activity on your screen, you will see the screen with pre-installation checks. Click the blue "Next" button in the top right corner of the page:

click next

  • You will see the "Restoration of site's main database" screen. Fill in the "User name", "Password" and "Database name" fields and click the blue "Next" button in the top right corner of the screen:

fill in database user fields and click next

  • In a few seconds, you will see a box with the "The database restoration was successful" message. Click the "Next step" button:

click next step

  • On the next screen, scroll slightly down to the "Super User settings" section. Take a note that your site Super User username is admin. Enter your preferred password in the "Password" and "Password (repeat)" fields:

create password

  • Click the "Next" button at the top right corner. You will see the final "Almost there!" screen.

almost there screen

  • Read its instructions and close this tab.
  • Return to the "Akeeba Kickstart Core" tab and click "Clean Up":

click clean up button

  • You will see two green buttons. Congratulations! You just finished the installation! Click any of the two buttons to visit your Joomlashack template Demo site:

final screen with two buttons

I can see my Alasse Demo site front end:

alasse demo site frontend

I can also log into its control panel and work with it as I would with any Joomla-based site:

demo backend login page


You just learned how to install a Joomlashack template Demo site using its installation .jpa file and Akeeba Kickstart tool. You can now use it to build your own Joomla site as an exact replica.

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