How to Use JavaScript or PHP Code in a Joomla Article

How to Use JavaScript or PHP Code in a Joomla Article

Normally in a Joomla article, code such as Javascript or PHP will not work. This is for good security reasons. People could do a lot of harm if they were free to use these inside your articles.

However, many advanced users need to use such code. This tutorial will show you how to add a JavaScript or PHP code to a Joomla article.

Step #1. Download the Sourcerer Plugin

  • Go to the Joomla Extensions Directory and find Sourcerer.
  • Click on the "Download" link and you'll be taken to the developer's website where you can download Sourcerer.

download the sourcerer plugin

Step #2. Upload and Install Sourcerer

  • In the Administrator area of your Joomla site, click Extensions > Manage. You will be taken to the Extensions: Install administrative page:

go to extensions manage

  • Click Upload Package File tab.
  • Click Or browse for file green button and find the Sourcerer plugin installation file on your hard drive.
  • Click twice on the plugin package file name to start its installation.
  • Go to Extensions > Plugins. and make sure the following plugins are enabled:
    • Button - Regular Labs - Sourcerer
    • System - Regular Labs - Sourcerer

make sure the plugins are enabled

Step #3. Add JavaScript and PHP codes to a Joomla Article

go to articles add new article

  • Click Content > Articles > Add New Article.
  • Click on the new Code icon at the TinyMCE editor toolbar.

click on the code icon

  • You will see Insert Code popup.

popup box

  • Write your code directly into the box. Make sure that code has the normal opening and closing tags.

enter your code

  • When you're done, click Insert in the top-left corner.

click the insert button

  • Click Save or Save & Close.
  • Now check this article at your site frontend. You should see your JavaScript and PHP code snippets at work.

check the final result

What's Next?

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