What's New in JCal Pro 4.3?

Release of JCal Pro 4.3.0

We are happy to announce the release of JCal Pro 4.3.

This is a major release that introduces significant improvements to the database and code. End users will also notice some improvements in JCal Pro user interface.

Here's a rundown of what's new in JCal Pro 4.3:

New Date Fields

In this release, we completely refactored JCal Pro's date management. All JCal Pro dates are now handled natively as full datetimes. From the user standpoint, entering dates should be much easier with standard calendar-type fields.

  • In previous JCal Pro releases, the date field was divided into three fields: day, month, and year:

Old date field

  •  Starting from JCal Pro 4.3, the Event Date, among other date settings, now uses a single date field:

New date field

You don't need to fiddle with three separate fields to set your event start date. Simply type in the full date in the field in one go. Or select it from the calendar:

Use calendar to set start date

Easier iCal Exports

You will now find an Export iCal button in the JCal Pro: Events administrative page. This enables you to export calendars directly from the back end. In previous versions, this export functionality was available via the frontend of your site.

Export iCal button

Library Updates

We upgraded two third-party libraries used in JCal Pro:

  1. iCal Creator
  2. HTMLPurifier.

JCalPro uses iCalCreator to export and import events as iCal files. The HTMLPurifier library is responsible for filtering out any malicious or unwanted code.

IMPORTANT: Please Update Carefully

Before upgrading to this new release, please read our "Upgrading JCal Pro from Versions Prior to 4.3" documentation.