From left to right: Jonathan Shroyer, 'corePHP' CTO; Shawn Fields, Joomlashack Director of Marketing & Sales; Michael Pignataro, 'corePHP' VP of Operations; Eddie Tabush, Joomlashack CEO; Steven Pignataro, 'corePHP' CEO.

Dear friends,

Until now, if you needed a reliable and feature-rich Joomla-based e-commerce solution, there were precious few choices out there.

So when our friends at ‘corePHP’ approached us last year about partnering with them in the development of a new Joomla shopping cart/ e-commerce solution, we were thrilled.

As far as partners go, the team at ‘corePHP’ are as capable and professional as they come. For a project as complex as this one, it is not enough that a person or a team merely write good and proper code. They also need to have a keen business mind - - a partner that understands proper project management, accounting, inventory control, and merchandising. And most importantly, a partner that intimately understands the needs of its customers.

I’m happy to say that we found these qualities with our friends at ‘corePHP’ and are very excited to be collaborating with them on this project.

the kaGO teamThe most important consideration in any partnership should always be that the two companies share the same vision. In that regard, our match was made in heaven because we both believed what Joomla (and the entire CMS Industry, for that matter) needed was a robust, scalable, and professional e-commerce solution - - one that was as intuitive and easy to use for the developer/store owner as it was for the store’s customers. And one that looks great, right out of the box, too!

And so, after over a year of intense development, it gives me great pleasure to announce the upcoming release of kaGO Commerce, an exciting new e-commerce solution brought to you by ‘corePHP’ and Joomlashack.

As a Joomla site/store owner, you will love kaGOfor many reasons. Most notably:

  • It looks great right out of the box w/ included Joomlashack-designed styles
  • It’s easy to install; easy to configure; and even easier for your customers to use
  • kaGO makes it easy to track your sales and generates over 25 reports for you
  • kaGO integrates with essential web apps and tools like Mailchimp, Google & more
  • kaGO lets you sell physical goods, downloads--even 2 types of subscriptions!
  • kaGO is SEO friendly

And if you’re a developer/designer who designs Joomla sites & stores for clients, you will love kaGO because:

  • Its easy to create your own templates & styles to match your client’s site(s)
  • kaGO lets you easily import your client’s Tienda and Virtuemart product databases
  • You can embed rich media in kaGO
  • kaGO automagically creates thumbnails & image galleries on product pages for you

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens and dozens of cool features in kaGO Commerce. :)

To learn more about kaGO and how you can get your very own copy once the beta has been released (very soon!), I urge you to visit the kaGO website, kagocommerce.com, right now and sign up for our newsletter. Be the first to download it!

I will be eager to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions once you have downloaded it and used it for a while. We value your opinion and acknowledge that you will play an integral part in making kaGO Commerce the new gold standard in e-commerce solutions.

On behalf of our team and the ‘corePHP’ team...

Warm Regards,