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Learn CSS Grid Before Joomla 4 Arrives

CSS Grid is revolutionizing the frontend web-design industry.

For the last 20 years, web designers have used CSS to lay out web pages. However, CSS has always been missing some key functionality. Designers had to rely on workarounds, such as tables, floats, and positioning.

CSS Grid is different and better.

CSS Grid allows you to create a grid-based layout system, using columns and rows. You don't have to use any workarounds. You don't have to use different hacks for different browsers. You don't have to install any extra frameworks.

By the way, did I mention that the future of Joomla is CSS Grid? Joomla will rely CSS Grid for the frontend layouts.

Learn CSS Grid now, and you'll be one step ahead when Joomla 4 arrives.

To help you prepare for Joomla 4 and CSS Grid, we've released a new book called "CSS Grid Explained". This book is available to EVERYONE with a current Joomlashack membership.

About the CSS Grid Explained Book

css grid

In this short book, you are going to master the key ideas behind CSS Grid. This book is in the best traditions of OSTraining. There are no long-dense paragraphs of theory. You pick up the book and you start writing code immediately.

In the first chapter, we start with the basic terminology. You'll learn the difference between Grid Areas and Grid Cells, between Grid Tracks and Grid Gaps.

Then, using a hands-on approach, you'll start building CSS Grids. There are 9 different exercises in this book. You'll build everything from the most basic CSS Grid to a full site layout.

How to get the CSS Grid Explained Book

We have made this book available to EVERYONE with a Joomlashack membership. It doesn't matter if you belong to the Everything Club or just use a single extension or template. Every Joomlashack member can download a copy of the CSS Grid book.

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