Five Crucial Inbound Marketing Tool Types

Most forward-thinking marketers have embraced the concepts of inbound marketing as it has better results compared to traditional marketing techniques.

But implementing a successful inbound marketing campaign requires the right toolset.

Here are five critical tool areas in which marketers need a solid foundation to ensure they launch successful inbound marketing programs.

Third Party Analysis

For any successful launch of an inbound marketing plan a good understanding of the market is very crucial. This is the main reason why most marketers conduct an extensive research even beyond the normal Google search tools on the nature of the market they aim to serve. It is therefore important that marketers make sure they take full advantage of the research tools at their disposal out there considering they are not that costly.

A good example is Moz which has some very useful analytic tools that enable you to make comparisons between your sites and that of competitors. Consider also SEM Rush, and of course Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. 

Management of  Social Media

Social media is very crucial to any successful inbound marketing plan. It is important that a marketer ensures he or she spreads a consistent marketing message across several social media platforms while keeping things straight.

Doing this can however be a bit tricky if you do not have the necessary software to ensure this. HootSuite is the remedy to this as it is a software that helps you coordinate your social media marketing without much fuss. This software is available free of charge and gives marketers a quick and straightforward way of posting content across social media platforms.

Creation of Content

In this area the focus is pointed towards ensuring potential customers are attracted by making use of large volumes of compelling and enticing data. Sources that are generated from the houses of marketers offer a high level of control and precision but they are not very good for all marketers.

There are several excellent sites like textbroker, WebWriting NINJA and iwriter where marketers can be able to get high quality work for a small fee. The writers in these sites are able to deliver content that is written according the set instructions in time.

Lead Nurturing

This is one of the features of inbound marketing that differentiates it from the other forms of marketing. This form of marketing is has this "no lead left behind" attitude that is aimed at digging out all the potential sales.

It is therefore important that a marketer ensures he or she builds the necessary leads and make sure that these leads develop into profitable customers. Hubspot has over the years been the leading tool in this effect, but the more affordable jInbound has been embraced as an alternative by most marketers.

Management of Projects

In any marketing strategy coordination of ones efforts is very important in ensuring that you get the best out of your marketing venture. This generally underlines the general significance of ensuring proper project coordination .Having a decent and efficient software works a lot in helping a marketer ensure that sharing of ideas and working together is achieved efficiently.

Trello is a free collaboration program that helps keeps a group of marketing teams on the same page ensuring maximum coordination during work. This tool also works a lot in ensuring workers focus on their work resulting inefficient marketing.