How to Share New Joomla Articles to Facebook Automatically

How to Share New Joomla Articles to Facebook Automatically

If you find yourself manually sharing on Facebook each article that you've created, this tutorial is for you.

It'll show you how to automatically share your Joomla articles to Facebook. You can share to your Facebook page, profile, and/or Group.

Let's get started.

Step #1: Install AutoTweet NG (Free)

Step #2: Set up a Facebook App

How to Share New Joomla Articles to Facebook Automatically
  • Settings -> Basic
  • Add Platform:
  • Website:
  • Enter the full URL of your website
  • Save Changes

Make the app live by going to:

  • App Review (left menu)
  • Public -> Yes (option)
  • Confirm:
  • Go to your App's Dashboard
  • You'll need the App ID and App Secret for Step 3.

Step 3: Connect your Joomla site to the Facebook app

  • In your Joomla admin, go to Components -> AutoTweetNG -> Channels:
  • Click "New"
  • For the Type option, choose "Facebook"
  • Enter the App ID and App Secret of you Facebook App (see end of step 2)
  • Click on the "2. Authorization" tab
  • Click on "Step 1 - Authorize":
Connecting your Facebook account to Joomla
  • You should get a popup. If you don't, you might have a browser warning asking your permission to continue.
Getting around pop-up blockers when connecting Joomla to Facebook
  • Go through the authorization process
  • Select who you'd like to share with:
Connect Joomla to Facebook
  • Click the "Step 2 -Validate" button:
  • Click the "Channel Selection" tab
  • For "Facebook Channels" choose where you'd like to post to
  • Click "Step 3 - Validate Channel":
  • Enter the Name of your channel
  • Click "Save & Close"


Congrats! You're done. All future articles will be shared automatically to Facebook.

Pro tip: You can repeat step 3 and create a new channel for each Facebook target (ex: profile, page, or group).

Pro tip #2: If you'd like to auto-tweet, use this tutorial.

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