Send New User Notifications From Your Joomla Site

Notify to Site Administrators when a New User is Registered in your Joomla Site

One of our users asked us how they could receive an email notification whenever a new user registered at his Joomla site.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to setup your Joomla site so that site administrators will get notifications of new, registered users to site administrators.

Step #1. User options

  • Go to Users
  • Manage
  • Options


  • Be sure to set Allow User Registration as “yes”
  • Choose the New user registration group. By default is “registered”


  • Set New User Account Activation as “None” or “Self”
  • Set Notification Mail to Administrators as “yes”


  • Save and close

Step #2. Your account settings

Edit your super user or administrator account.

  • Go to Users
  • Manage
  • Your account


  • Set Receive System Emails as “yes”


  • Save and close

Step #3. End result

From now on, when a new user creates an account through front-end, a notification email will be sent to the administrators.


Note: while testing this feature, the notification email was sent to Super user and Administrator user levels.

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