This area contains the changelogs for recent versions of the JCal Pro extension. Click here to access the main JCal Pro page.


JCal Pro

Jun 28, 2017

  • Improvements to admin UI
  • Fix problem with custom fields not saving/displaying

May 17, 2017

  • Update input filtering

May 15, 2017

  • Fixes issue with day of week names in mobile

Apr 25, 2017

  • Fixes issue with moderators getting email
  • Fixes several issues with new installations and updates
  • Fixes several issue in Barbarians and Inspired themes
  • Many updates/improvements in administration UI
  • Updates/Improvements in event editing form

v4.2.1 - Maintenance
Mar 6, 2017

  • Include categories in ics export
  • Fix issues with multi-day events in ics export
  • Fix issues with multi-day events due to timezone differences
  • Fix cropped text in calendar view

v4.2.0 - Maintenance
Feb 22, 2017

  • Update iCal Library
  • Fix DOW monthly repeating events
  • Fix map loading for single events
  • Fix several install/uninstall issues
  • Fix some language/translation issues

v4.1.6 Maintenance
Feb 9, 2017

  • Make barbarians responsive template available

v4.1.5 - Maintenance
Feb 6, 2017

  • Fix issues with install/uninstall
  • Considerable code cleanup

v4.1.4 - Maintenance release
Jan 12, 2017

  • Prepare for release
  • Fix the asset id when saving permissions for registrations - JCAL-56
  • Fix PHP warning about not compatible method signature
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix issue with installer and error about not being able to move an asset
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix PHP warnings about deprecated constructor, JCAL-55
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix the save permission for registrations
  • Fix PHP warning
  • Fix PHP warning
  • Bump beta version
  • Bump beta version
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix identation on some files
  • Add week day on mobile devices JCAL-42
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix the module to display the event locations
  • Remove warning for gmaps key not defined
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix js warning about duplicated gmaps key definition
  • Bump beta version
  • Fix spartan_dark theme registry
  • Uninstall related extensions dependent on JCalPro
  • Remove unneccssary language loading
  • Restructure language folders to Joomla standard
  • psr2 formatting and remove deprecated class references
  • Increase beta version
  • Skip version fix if this is initial install
  • Update beta version
  • Fix weekly repetitions for steps higher than 1 week
  • Fix events repeated weekly
  • Fix warning on edit method
  • Remove bad syntax
  • Prepare to release beta 3
  • Fix installation of HTML Purifier library
  • Fix preFlight and postFlight method
  • Fix the tag for the Fuschia Blossom theme
  • Fix the name of themes on related extensions. Update version of themes
  • Prepare to releasing
  • Fix syntax error introduced on a previous commit
  • Fix warning on installer
  • Fix method name
  • Fix code style
  • Fix minor issues on code style
  • Apply CSS from Vish’s code
  • Fix code style minor issues
  • Increment alpha version
  • added library folder
  • Fix code style following PSR2
  • Fix strict standard warning for the edit method
  • Preparing for alpha release
  • Fixes modules that were not working
  • Comment color styles
  • Modules and search tweaks
  • Module tweaks
  • Optimize labels
  • Location and event tweaks
  • Monthly layout tweaks
  • Clean up class alert usage
  • Clean up class alert usage
  • Improve list of categories
  • Remove hardcoded strings
  • Support IE
  • Fix long text inside cells
  • Events optimization in monthly view
  • Toolbar icons fix for barbarians theme
  • Remove unused classes
  • Mobile and toolbar improvements for barbarians theme
  • Design improvements for barbarians theme
  • Toolbar improvements for barbarians theme
  • Convert main barbarians CSS file into LESS
  • Load icons
  • Custom version of Bootstrap to avoid conflicts with other loaded BS
  • Load Bootstrap always for barbarians theme
  • Barabarians theme starter version by Vic

** There is attached here a transitional package between collection and component, for legacy users.