This area contains the changelogs for recent versions of the Shack Forms extension. Click here to access the main Shack Forms page.

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.25

  • Fixes Google Spreadsheet incompatibility with HTTP/2 servers

NOTE: Google Spreadsheets now requires php 7.0 to be used.

Commit Log

  • bbf9e1b Release v4.0.25 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 98d93b2 Merge pull request #29 from OSTraining/SF-65 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 125f194 Improvements to token error handling and messaging [Bill Tomczak]
  • e4deba2 Improvements to token error handling and messaging [Bill Tomczak]
  • 94dade7 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • a04743e Fix problem with expired tokens [Bill Tomczak]
  • 3e958ca Need to copy the refresh token on expiration [Bill Tomczak]
  • 19cd177 Don’t try to guess Sheet ID [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6e739ef Improve usage of library auth process [Bill Tomczak]
  • 173b159 Debugging and error handling improvements [Bill Tomczak]
  • 4e2b032 Add automatic update of legacy token [Bill Tomczak]
  • a62fe1c Update Google API class [Bill Tomczak]
  • 882c7cd Remove obsolete helper [Bill Tomczak]
  • 22f1c13 Add some information to admin screen when debug enabled [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1abbea4 Automatically refresh token when it expires [Bill Tomczak]
  • baf3aa6 Fix comments [Bill Tomczak]
  • 0c12243 Add missing module dependency [Bill Tomczak]
  • a3563c9 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 0fa4188 Add missing folder to manifest [Bill Tomczak]
  • bd36445 Standards fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • fd303c3 Move language strings [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7e924ff Improve method signatures [Bill Tomczak]
  • c8b80c2 Move php version check to better place [Bill Tomczak]
  • d02ba8d Standards/comment fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5504094 Implement new sheet api on frontend [Bill Tomczak]
  • f82ed5e Minor comment fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • bc97518 Refactor Google Spreadsheet form field for new OAuth library [Bill Tomczak]
  • 95a9a5d Autoload composer dependencies [Bill Tomczak]
  • 01fa144 Catch incomplete Google Sheets configuration [Bill Tomczak]
  • a7ee948 Prevent infinite loop [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6efbb41 Simplify/standardize/centralize class autoloading [Bill Tomczak]
  • 17412d2 Install league/oauth2-google [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.24

  • Fixes problems with AcyMailing v5 newsletter integration
  • Fixes db corruption issues to custom email template files on upgrade
  • Improvements to debugging output
  • Improvements to tooltips

Commit Log

  • 7ccf071 Release v4.0.24 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 4118044 Merge pull request #28 from OSTraining/SF-88 [Bill Tomczak]
  • d0988f7 Use Acymailing 5 core functions rather than doing it all manually. [Bill Tomczak]
  • 201f2d4 Flatten array from parameter [Bill Tomczak]
  • 86e23bb Adjust method signatures to reflect reality [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6f12977 Remove apparently useless options parameter [Bill Tomczak]
  • 53dfa6b Fix email template updates including corruption caused by previous updates [Bill Tomczak]
  • e3e40fb Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 140956b Remove useless tooltips [Bill Tomczak]
  • 30ee2ec Add some additional debugging info [Bill Tomczak]
  • 336f5b0 Minor formatting fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • efc4290 Minor language fixes regarding file upload mime types SF-85 [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.23

  • Update File Upload javascript plugin
  • Fixes a language translation issue

Commit Log

  • 1b6b542 Release v4.0.23 [Bill Tomczak]
  • dff501d Merge pull request #26 from OSTraining/SF-84 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 00e9d2b Fix malformed language string [Bill Tomczak]
  • b93bf3f Fix malformed language string [Bill Tomczak]
  • f5e82a2 Update to latest file upload plugin [Bill Tomczak]
  • 3c7b4d4 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.22

  • Fix issues with user auto-fill
  • Change default layout type to "Static"
  • Minor language fixes

Commit Log

  • c788e80 Release v4.0.22 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 977e9e8 Merge pull request #25 from OSTraining/SF-83 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6aacb3a Update en-GB.mod_pwebcontact_admin.ini [stevejburge]
  • 00c5eb1 Update en-GB.mod_pwebcontact.ini [stevejburge]
  • d202c4c Update en-GB.mod_pwebcontact.sys.ini [stevejburge]
  • 81f39da Use the actual default value for user_data [Valentín García]
  • c38d4b7 Increase version [Valentín García]
  • 8121a4b Validate "Auto fill in Joomla user" parameter [Valentín García]
  • 810c8b5 Change module default layout to Static [Nick Savov]
  • 57caa29 Minor language fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • db062c5 Display custom footer on all tabs [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.21

  • Fixes update manager link
  • Refix fileuploads breaking form on some sites
  • Add warning about using newsletters with GDPR disabled

Commit Log

  • bfeafbb Release v4.0.21 [Bill Tomczak]
  • dfaf102 Add warning about using newsletters with GDPR disabled and avoid subscriptions [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9d7bded Minor improvement to newsletter options [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1fa94cf Retain original fileupload patch SF-82 [Bill Tomczak]
  • e2e7d4f bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 3b15108 Add info url for updater [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.20

  • Improve handling of email addresses per GDPR
  • Fixes problem with column duplication on spreadsheet button
  • Load a compressed admin js file
  • Ensure smtp configured email handlers are closed before reuse

Commit Log

  • e5d2652 Release v4.0.20 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 791a074 Merge pull request #24 from OSTraining/SF-80 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 082de57 Fix inadequate boolean test [Bill Tomczak]
  • 812c107 Explicitly close possible smtp connections [Bill Tomczak]
  • 4d6f871 Show email but not in db [Nick Savov]
  • 766817d Change GDPR config label [Nick Savov]
  • d2eeb22 Compress admin js file [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7528dfd Minor formatting fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • fd08d2e Prevent column name duplication on multiple button clicks [Bill Tomczak]
  • 4eeaab9 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.19

  • New feature to download messages as csv file
  • Set default for advanced select features to disabled

Commit Log

  • e006eca Release v4.0.19 [Bill Tomczak]
  • d7507d4 Minor standards fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9f87cc0 Add filtering by start/end dates [Bill Tomczak]
  • bb40abe Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 304186e Default to false for load_advanced_select SF-25 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 4af1145 Merge pull request #23 from OSTraining/SF-39 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 05c1f85 Finalize export method [Bill Tomczak]
  • 207e94d Don’t use form submit for export method [Bill Tomczak]
  • 3c5ecc4 Initial implementation of working download button [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6c54813 Simplify and improve messaging on moving email fields [Bill Tomczak]
  • 59037b6 Simplify silly boolean check [Bill Tomczak]
  • 0f00b76 Improve Mailchimp API debug info [Bill Tomczak]
  • 2bd3cf6 Fix formatting [Bill Tomczak]
  • d8bde7e Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 144d138 Begin initial endpoint for exporting messages [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.18

  • Fixes issues with mailchimp subscription errors depending on what form fields are defined

Commit Log

  • 8b1ad85 Release v4.0.18 [Bill Tomczak]
  • c38cca1 Reformat field data for mailchimp API calls SF-73 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 596de4b Remove non-functional reference to non-existent parameter [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5c87709 Fixes issue with updates not appearing after Joomla 3.9 [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.17

  • Allows email validation via regular expression
  • Fixes issue with email templates on Windows servers
  • Fixes various javascript issues in form field configuration
  • Fixes issues with tooltip and radio/dropdown rendering in configuration
  • Move form field display to internal layouts for simpler management/admin

Commit Log

  • 1771965 Release v4.0.17 [Bill Tomczak]
  • ded1094 Merge pull request #22 from OSTraining/move-to-layouts [Bill Tomczak]
  • 31a8dd6 Save compressed version of javascript [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6f13744 Minor formatting fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • e0d1934 Add upload section (untested) [Bill Tomczak]
  • fcb2b49 Fix required setup for radio buttons [Bill Tomczak]
  • e3a6a49 Add single checkbox layout [Bill Tomczak]
  • e3d7a60 Add radio/checkbox group support [Bill Tomczak]
  • 326d4ea Update dropdown rendering [Bill Tomczak]
  • a9679a1 Formatting fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • 38debfd Initial move to layouts for field display [Bill Tomczak]
  • 035111d Fix field value test [Bill Tomczak]
  • d53c1b0 Avoid rendering empty tooltips [Bill Tomczak]
  • b0f9795 Check for validation permitted [Bill Tomczak]
  • e711a33 Fix method access [Bill Tomczak]
  • 510be98 Fix ‘no’ button color [Bill Tomczak]
  • b3bfc56 Don’t treat email as special [Bill Tomczak]
  • 8133300 Fix some comments [Bill Tomczak]
  • fdffa60 Ensure consistent method return [Bill Tomczak]
  • 8d69c3d Remove debugging code / mono formatting fixes [Bill Tomczak]
  • 75ae041 Centralize field list for validation by regex [Bill Tomczak]
  • e05dd35 Remove useless tooltips from controls [Bill Tomczak]
  • 17a0dae Use a better email validation regex [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9df67e1 Allow regex validation of email addresses SF-74 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 04967d7 Stick with language constants for sample fields [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9ecdfc4 Minor standards reformat [Bill Tomczak]
  • 3bb77c5 Add missing comments [Bill Tomczak]
  • 6e59898 Update tooltip/dropdown init javascript [Bill Tomczak]
  • c47042f Remove obsolete init options [Bill Tomczak]
  • 41e7f78 Simplify addSeparator admin js [Bill Tomczak]
  • 034a516 Use language translations for sample fields [Bill Tomczak]
  • e12fe40 Simplify addfield admin js [Bill Tomczak]
  • 632ea6a Simplify js language string loading [Bill Tomczak]
  • c967b78 Cleanup formatting [Bill Tomczak]
  • d49fe43 Normalize file paths for windows systems [Bill Tomczak]
  • fea201e Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]

Shack Forms Pro v4.0.16

  • Behind the scenes improvements to CAPTCHA field handling
  • Improved messaging for failed CAPTCHA submissions

Commit Log

  • 78c0069 Release v4.0.16 [Bill Tomczak]
  • e23df35 Update file headers [Bill Tomczak]
  • 5739e25 Simplify and correct issues with mailchimp helper [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9ace034 Simplify and update freshmail helper [Bill Tomczak]
  • e681067 Simplify built-in recaptcha answer check [Bill Tomczak]
  • e18f2b8 Minor formatting fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • 71f0a7e Simplify captcha instantiation [Bill Tomczak]
  • dc56a6e standards corrections remove obsolete usage [Bill Tomczak]
  • efd9fbf Reformat to standards [Bill Tomczak]
  • ee60a54 Additional docs on available vars [Bill Tomczak]
  • 33e6624 Remove unused ajax method [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1abe268 Add little debugging help for CAPTCHA [Bill Tomczak]
  • 8b7f5e1 Use thrown error message on CAPTCHA Failure [Bill Tomczak]