The Joomlashack Conference 2019

The Joomlashack Conference was a 3 day online event that took place on November 6, 7 and 8. This was a free conference featuring the best speakers from around the Joomla world.

We recorded and edited all the presentations. You can see the videos on the Joomlashack YouTube channel.

Parth Lawate

You Built this with Joomla? No Way!

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Thought Joomla was just for websites? This is a session that will show you otherwise. Joomla is a powerful application development framework that can help you create wonders. In this session, we will be showing you case studies that will blow you away. See Joomla power implementations for IoT, ERP to Cloud in various domains from Agriculture to Energy to Healthcare to HR & EdTech to name just a few!

Ashwin Date

Building Modern Frontends for Joomla with Angular

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With everybody wanting to move towards JavaScript based frontends, how can Joomla be left behind. In this session, I will show how we built an angular frontend and used Joomla as an API backend.

Duke Speer

The Complete Deliverable

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Ever get to the end of a project and the client asks about "Where is X?", "What happened to Y?", "Why don't we have Z?" In many cases this reflects an inadequate discovery phase and keeping the client involved in an agile development process, but in some cases it is improperly set expectations and not hitting all the checkboxes for a "complete" site regardless of what the client requested. Scope creep happens, and this talk will not help you solve that, Instead it is about systematizing your business such that every website your produce meets certain standards that become your brand and ensure long lasting relationships. In my Joomla business world, there are specific extensions and supporting software that are installed in nearly every site I deliver, and some I will simply not install. In this talk, I will walk through some of the business side of building Joomla sites, how I use stylescapes, build for maintainability, and my checklist for achieving a "complete" deliverable.

By Mike Demopoulos

Yes, You Can Visually Design Websites -- Without Code

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With the rise of Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal (combined make up 39% of all websites), a new type of user is coming. This user cares about content and design, true. But they also want to get stuff done online as fast as possible. The experience of making a website should be enjoyable to this user. Page Builders allow for visual design in all three systems. Some of the core changes like WordPress’s new editor (Gutenberg), make it easier than ever to get online. But it is not just new users. Web Agencies are reducing their overhead and build costs to do everything from prototyping, building, and even complex interactive conditional logic tools. All with zero code. In this talk, Mike Demo will teach you how to leverage the power of the web in unique ways -- without having to enter a single line of code.

Javier Olivares

Use Joomla as a Static Generator and Make Your Site Blazing Fast

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We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of static websites with Joomla. We will then see different ways of achieving this result. Search, contact forms, comments, eCommerce... will they still work? We will see how to keep Joomla in your dev environment (local or online) and how to deploy a static version of it to your hosting. You will only update your site whenever you need to update the content!

Carlos Cámara

Custom Fields in Joomla: Build Whatever You Need

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Joomla Custom Fields are a powerful feature which allow you to create amazing things with Joomla. In this session we will explore all the possibilities we have and how we can use them in our developments.

Peter Martin

Optimizing the Joomla Back-end

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Joomla is a great CMS with a lot of functionality in the core. For some new users, the amount of functionality and options in the back-end can be a bit overwhelming. What can you do to make it easier for them? Experienced users might want to improve their workflow. What can you do to optimize the back-end? Peter will show you what you can do to optimize your Joomla site for new users and experienced administrators.

Olivier Buisard

JavaScript Over jQuery

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Today, we can do more with JavaScript than we were able to years ago. The standards matured, the browser war is (mostly) over and there is wide support. Now, we can create amazing interactions with just a few lines of code. Is it time to move on from jQuery? In this session, you will learn how you can replace jQuery with pure JavaScript and we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of using libraries over native Javascript.

dimitris grammatiko

Joomla 4: the JavaScript Parts

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An in-depth view to Joomla’s build tools, the vanilla scripts, the Web Components and the modern Javascript available in the upcoming version.

SD Williams

How to Create Joomla Sites that Clients Love to Update

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The best websites are those that are maintained. It is nothing worse than when a site you’ve worked hard to build is messed up the first time the client edits content. This session aims to give you tips that help your client to feel comfortable adding/editing site content while not destroying the look-n-feel that you’ve worked so hard to create.

Viktor Vogel

A Fast and Secure Joomla Website

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In this talk, we will take a closer look at two essential factors of a website: Performance and Security. Why is the performance of a website so important? What influences the loading speed and how can this process be optimized? The safe operation of a website is an essential task for every administrator. How good is the security in Joomla and how can this be further increased by simple means? What are the golden security rules? In addition to the theory on these topics, practical and easy-to-use tips will be shown to run a Joomla website fast and securely.

George Wilson

Joomla 4 - A New Improved Joomla for Content Creators

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Joomla 4 has been an evolution of nearly 15 years of Joomla's history. In this talk we'll look at Joomla 4, how it's going to help you build scalable, usable websites across the increasing number of platforms for your customers in the coming years, all whilst enabling content creators to do what they do best. We'll also look at how simple the upgrade path from Joomla 3.10 is going to be!

Robbie Adair

Visualizing Data with Fabrik

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It’s easy to show your data in lists or details views with Fabrik, but did you know you can show that same data in different ways? Fabrik Visualizations allow you to show data in many different customizable ways, such as Google Maps, Full Calendars, or Fusion Charts. We’ll take a look at using each one of these to create a cool dashboard in Joomla.

Adam Melcher

Award-winning eCommerce Sites with Joomla

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Learn how combining core Joomla tags and custom fields with J2Store has kept our clients competitive against other ecommerce platforms.

Joe Campbell

Content Creating: Pro Tips & Power Tools

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Receive practical advice and resources to enhance your content, workflows, and website.

Eoin Oliver

Rapidly Building Semi-bespoke Joomla Templates

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When I first started with Joomla, I loved it. I could make any website look great by buying a template from a club and then putting my fee on top. Often it left us trying to fit the clients ideas into a pre-made solution. So I figured out a way to create a great default semi-bespoke template which allowed us to rapidly build ANY layout and ANY design. I will teach you my method and giving you a downloadable file to save you the time I spent creating this Joom-lifehack.

Vic Drover

Security Best Practices for your Joomla Agency

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Joomla users tend to know a lot about securing their websites. But website security best practices is literally the tip of the web agency security pyramid. In this presentation, Victor will discuss the three levels of this pyramid. He will put website security in context with the other levels of security that are recommended for successful agencies that are highly trusted by their clients.

Randy Carey

Joomla System Plugins Explained

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This session will explain what happens "under the hood" in Joomla. In between the time a URL requests a page and the CMS delivers that page, Joomla consistently performs a set of steps. System plugins allow us to inject third-party and custom processing during these steps. You'll learn how system plugins enable us to meet client requests for customization. And we'll overview examples of challenging requests that are solved with system plugins.

Viktor Vogel

Get Rid of Your Legacy Joomla Code

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In this session, you will get a quick introduction into the development of Joomla extensions with many useful, practical tips on how to start and set up your coding environment correctly. After the general introduction, Viktor will show you how to rewrite old extensions to the new Joomla codebase (3.8+/4 compatibility) and the latest PHP version to get rid of legacy code in your Joomla projects.

Robert Fairhead

How Joomla Helped me Build a Site for Writers, Readers and Publishers

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In 2017, I launched Tall And True, a Joomla-based online magazine for writers, readers and publishers I had been dreaming about and working on since 2001. This presentation is on how Joomla helped me realise that dream, from my original idea and thoughts on technology, and the detours and roadblocks I encountered over the years, to my light bulb moment with Joomla and the proud day when I finally launched the website in 2017. I'll also share the lessons I learned along the way.

Joe Leblanc

The Joomla School of Hospitable Technology

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For many of us, Joomla was our coding school. We found a friendly place where we could learn PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together. What will this school’s future be?