AcyMailing Integration With Jinbound

jInbound/AcyMailing integration allows you the following actions:

  • To add a jInbound lead to an AcyMailing newsletter list.
  • To delete a jInbound lead from an AcyMailing newsletter list.

Campaign Manager -AcyMailing tab

What you'll need for this integration

  • Latest version of jInbound component installed
  • Latest version of AcyMailing component installed
  • System - jInbound Acy Mailing plugin installed

System -jInbound AcyMailing plugin

For the jInbound/AcyMailing integration to work, you just need to have both components installed. The System - jInbound AcyMailing plugin should be installed and enabled once you installed the jInbound component. 

If you don't see the System plugin, try to re-install the jInbound component again (there's no need to un-install it beforehand).

Managing AcyMailing Newsletters and jInbound Lead Nurturing Campaigns

AcyMailing newsletters and jInbound lead nurturing function completely independently.

In most cases, either AcyMailing or jInbound campaigns are configured, but for special cases, both may be used.

This means that you can run the AcyMailing and jInbound lead nurturing campaigns simultaneously. You would just need to be aware that the lead is added to both components.

Keep in mind, that if a lead has been put into both components, should the lead wish to unsubscribe from your lead nurturing emails, the lead will need to unsubscribe from both components.

Managing AcyMailing Enrollment in jInbound Campaigns

If you do not have the required field, make sure you have enabled the plugin as instructed above.

  • Go to Components > jInbound -> Campaign Manager

Go to Components > jInbound > Campaign Manager

  • Select a campaign with which you want to manage AcyMailing user lists.

Select a jInbound campaign

  • Select the AcyMailing Tab.

Select AcyMailing tab

  • Select the AcyMailing List(s) that the lead will be added to when they are enrolled in this campaign.

Select AcyMailing list to add a lead to

  • Select the AcyMailing List(s) that the lead will be removed from when they are converted in this campaign.

Select AcyMailing list to delete a lead from

  • Save the campaign.