Customizing the Unsubscribe message

Sometimes you may want to change Jinbound unsubscribe message send into your Nurturing Emails, to do that all you have to do is to go website backend at "Extensions > Language manager" on the left navigation menu click on "Overrides"

Now on top left menu click on "New" button and inside "Language Constant" field insert one of the following language strings you want to change and inside "Text" field write the text you want to have instead. This are the language strings that can be customized:

COM_JINBOUND_UNSUBSCRIBE_FAILED_NO_CONTACT="Could not find contact associated with this email! Please contact a site administrator."
COM_JINBOUND_UNSUBSCRIBE_FAILED_NO_EMAIL="Could not find email to remove! Please contact a site administrator."
COM_JINBOUND_UNSUBSCRIBE_HTML="<p><a href="/_QQ_"%s"_QQ_">Click here to unsubscribe.</a></p>"
COM_JINBOUND_UNSUBSCRIBE_PLAIN="\n\nUnsubscribe by visiting the following url:\n%s"
COM_JINBOUND_UNSUBSCRIBED="You have been unsubscribed from our inbound marketing campaigns. Please note that other areas of this site may continue to send emails, depending on the actions taken with your account. To remove your account completely, please contact an administrator."