The File Attach Form Field in jInbound

The jInbound Files plugin provides the ability to add a File Attachment field to landing page forms.


The jInbound Files Plugin install like any other Joomla Plugin

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin
  2. Copy the download ID from the right column, you'll need it later
  3. Log into the Joomla! Administrator and select Extensions - Extension Manager
  4. In the Upload Package tab browse for the downloaded file and select Upload and Install

Configure the Plugin

  1. Select Extensions - Plugin Manager
  2. Search for jinbound and select the jInbound Files plugin
  3. Check to make sure that the files you want to allow are in the Allowed File Types field (a comma seperated list, without spaces)
  4. Enter a storage path
    • The path is the absolute server path (for an example see the Temp path in the Joomla Global Configuration - usually something like /home/user/public_html/...)
    • This path can be outside the public_html for additional ensurance it is not easily accessible
  5. Enter the Download ID found in the right column of the download area (this will authorize 1-click updates)
  6. Enable the plugin by setting the Status to Enabled and clicking Save

Add a File Upload field to your forms

You will now have File as a field which you can simply drag into any form

Configure the Files Field

To configure the field select it and then choose the Field Settings Tab on the right

Label: The 'title' of the field as it is displayed in the form.

Unique Identifier: the database label for this field, must be unique to ensure data is recorded correctly.

Required: Choose whether or not the field must be filled in order to submit the form.

Attributes: Advanced settings that are unique to different field types, you can read more about this Joomla feature in the Joomla documentation