Google Analytics Plus

The jInbound Google Analytics Plus plugin provides the ability to add a unique Google Analytics Codes field to each jInbound landing page.

You should use this plugin if:

  • You want to track each campaign separately using separate Google Analytics properties.
  • You are using the jInbound template for your landing pages (which does not include Google Analytics out of the box) and want to use the same Google Analytics property as the rest of your website.
  • You are using your site template for your landing pages and need to add Google Analytics support.


The jInbound Google Analytics Plus Plugin install like any other Joomla Plugin

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin
  2. Copy the download ID from the right column, you'll need it later
  3. Log into the Joomla! Administrator and select Extensions - Extension Manager
  4. In the Upload Package tab browse for the downloaded file and select Upload and Install

Configure the Plugin

  1. Select Extensions - Plugin Manager
  2. Search for Analytics and select the jInbound Google Analytics Plus plugin
  3. Enter the Download ID found in the right column of the download area (this will authorize 1-click updates)
  4. Enable the plugin by setting the Status to Enabled and clicking Save

Add Google Analytics Plus to your forms

You will now have an Analytics Tab to select the Google Analytics version you are using and to enter the Google Analytics Code to use.